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ENYO Retail builds technology to disrupt fuels retailing in Nigeria



The world is evolving exponentially and ENYO Retail and Supply Limited, believes the Nigerian oil and gas sector should evolve with it.

The Company with disruptive technology has disclosed plans to embark on customer-centric approach to fuel retailing in the sector.

CEO of ENYO Retail and Supply Limited had a brief chat with the Chief Executive Officer, ENYO Retail & Supply Limited, Abayomi Awobokun, who delivered pep-talks to coders and apps developers at a two-day Hackaton held in Lagos and participated in the mentorship at the sessions put together by in collaboration with I AM THE CODE and Chowberry Inc.

He said that as a company driven by technological advances and growing consumer demands, ENYO Retail and Supply Limited is creating a seamless way to carry out retail operations. “We have introduced new technology to enable more effective and innovative downstream business activities across the value chain. For consumers it’s a whole new world of uninterrupted, personalised service that truly meets their needs in ways never previously possible.

Awobokun was the CEO Oando Plc (Downstream), and also Founder of TS20F.

He said they are poised to deliver best-in-class retail experiences, leveraging complimentary brands and optimized returns to investors.

Poised to challenge some of the key tenets of Nigeria’s fuels retailing industry, ENYO retail is founded on the premise that the customer is the most important factor to be considered in the development and execution of service delivery.


Speaking on the Hackaton sessions, he enthused, “The, I AM THE CODE Hackaton, was impressive. 40-50 young people below on average age of 25 with talents in coding- Java, Python; thinking through ways to solve some of the global challenges identified by the United Nations as SDGs.

“One of the core benefits of events like this is self awareness; increasing the awareness level of talented people on the global challenges. Secondly, teaching young people that coding is the way to go.


“There is a data that suggests that the skills been taught in schools today are not for jobs been created tomorrow. Coding is a bridge to that. When you draw the attentions of young people to solving societal issues via coding, it should be encouraged. That is what I AM THE CODE is doing. I am part of the process to mentor the young people.

ENYO Retail and Supply Limited

“On our side, we are doing a lot. We are building platform which we are using to change the way entrepreneurs think about value creation. Today, if you are in oil and gas, all you think is selling petrol, diesel, kerosene and cooking gas. You don’t even say thank you.

“What we are doing to going to disrupt that value chain. For instance, what we are building will allow us know the customers better such as understanding the preferences of the customer and allow us to use the oil and gas purchases to say a bigger thank you.

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