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High-speed broadband delivery anchors on cost-effective LTE connectivity




“LTE connectivity, no doubt, provides high-speed wireless broadband that can be used to dramatically increase the coverage footprint of ISPs and broadband providers – but it must be available at the right price and with the right capabilities”.


How can this be achieved? World Telecoms Lab (WTL) in a recent blogpost reflects on how this can be achieve.

Connecting the unconnected grabs the headlines but low-cost, low-footprint wireless connectivity solutions bring a host of benefits to other operators, particularly for broadband providers and ISPs that need to deploy infrastructure to reach new customers.

Even in densely populated urban areas, rolling out fibre or other fixed infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive and can also be completely impractical. After all, digging up streets to lay cable is invasive, requires multiple permits and can be highly disruptive, blocking deployment.

Many ISPs and broadband providers have used wireless infrastructure as a means to provide data connectivity to users.

Once connected, it’s an easy way to enable other services over-the-top of data communications infrastructure. It’s a compelling use case and that’s why WTL is offering Vivada-LTE as a solution.

Vivada-LTE is a complete LTE solution that enables the delivery of combined voice and data connectivity solutions for providers that do not have ‘last mile’ connectivity.

It provides everything that is required to deliver connectivity, offer services and manage reseller and subscriber accounts.

Micro-eNodeB capabilities are included that enable cellular mobile coverage to be set up quickly and cost effectively, including local LTE and WiFi coverage, as well as IP backhaul to a transit or external macro-cellular network.

It’s been designed to help ISPs and broadband providers complete coverage gaps, allowing them to extend their footprint into areas that are not covered by conventional infrastructure.

By providing dedicated LTE access, it offers high-speed broadband, which unlocks a wide range of data dependent services and allows ISPs and their peers to deliver OTT voice capabilities alongside other bundled offers.

WTL has been showcasing Vivada-LTE at this week’s Futurecom event in Brazil, a country with several established providers using fourth-generation mobile to deliver fixed broadband access.

It’s a proven model, but Vivada-LTE changes the economics, allowing providers to extend coverage to an unprecedented degree.

This article first appeared in a blogpost by WTL.