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Some tips for your video ads



In Africa 70-80% of all traffic is mobile. The way users consume data on mobile is very different from how they do it on TV, although most of the videos served online is just slight TVC adaptations. TVC content doesn’t fit for mobile.

Firstly, online video should be short. On average people thumb around 100 meters of the content every day, so your content gets very little attention and is consumed extremely fast.

You need to make sure, that during those precious seconds you amuse users, not make them bored.

Secondly, video has to tell the story without sound. Most of the videos online are consumed without sound.

For example, 85% of facebook videos are watched with sound-off. Video is living through the silent revolution and it’s a challenge for creative teams to make the image speak, so at least consider adding the subtitles.

Thirdly, the length is crucial. On top of not making your users bored, the technical side is important as well, because long videos are big in size kb too. During the upload videos are always automatically compressed.

If your video is very long, after the compression its quality may suffer. Users are cautious about how much data they consumer and this should be kept in mind as well.

Fourthly, measure the seconds watched and not only views. Different platforms count their views differently. For example, facebook video view is counted after 3s, other platforms – after 5s.

Those first seconds are crucial, but they don’t necessary mean true view-ability. The video view length statistics is the key and some marketers of globally acknowledge brands even count the total number of seconds the video was viewed as the main campaign KPI. It’s a good point to consider.

  • On Eskimi DSP video ads are served on VAST and in-banner inventory.
  • Videos up to 30s length are non-skippable. They are served with sound-off with control button to turn it on.
  • There’re no limitations for video to play even when users use data-saving mode on their mobile devices.
  • On top of standard ads metrics (impressions, reach, CPM, CPC, CTR and etc.) video metrics are available on real-time dashboard such as VTR, CPV, video starts, views of 25%, 50%, 75% and full views.
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Source: Eskimi (image by Marketing Land)


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