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Touchabl wins #StartupSouth3 pitch



  • We won’t disappoint- touchabl

#StartupSouth3 has opened a new chapter for startups in the Southern part of Nigeria; hosted in the city of Aba, it will go down in history as one of the eye opening technology and startup events in the South East region this year.

#StartupSouth3, Made in Aba edition, gathered world class facilitators and was indeed a tremendous success.

The amazing speakers ensured the hearts present, where challenged and the pitch sessions which was one of the core of the event saw the best inspired and challenging moment but in all, greatness was achieved.

At the end, #TeamTouchabl emerged #StartupSouth3 pitch winner, while team Extraclass and were outstanding – coming out as 2nd and 1st Runners-up respectively.

Though, StartupSouth3 event is over, but the team has promised to ensure that the ecosystem remains relevant to attract the right attraction and investments.

Touchable Pictures

Team Touchabl Pictures is a new way of interacting with pictures. By using your fingertip and touching stuffs inside a picture, you instantly know what’s in there.

The team is lead by Gabriel Eze as Founder / UX Designer; Cofounder / COO,  Mohamed Farah and Technical Cofounder, Maven Harry.


Touchabl makes you smarter while making your photos automatically come alive. Say bye to second-guessing, instantly search for anything in a picture by touching it. With your fingertip, you can find out more about your interest and share them (if you like).

As marketing transition from promotion to conversation, brands and businesses (especially those focused on pictures to propagate their message) can further understand how their customers feel beyond number of likes and comments.

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“Thank you StartupSouth for the opportunity to validate what we’ve been working on. Special thanks to Ibom LLC for your continual support for local startups. To everyone that inspired us: Uche Aniche (the convener), Bruce Lucas, Emeka Okoye, OoTheNigerian, CFA, Jeremy (IFTF), Amanda (Oriki / Imisi3D), Hanson, Daniel, and everyone who inspired us during and after the bootcamp. We’ll not disappoint!”, the team wrote.


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