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Touchabl, win at CFA’s Startups Hangout



CFA's Startups Hangout
  • Speakers drop valuable nuggets to Startups

The last edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout for 2017, was held on Friday, November 24, 2017 at Adna Hotel, GRA, Ikeja.

The edition featured a Pitch session two Startups winning the pitches- Touchabl Labbs and

Much like Instagram, Touchabl allows you to post comments and even “Like” irresistible pictures.

As a follow-up to these regular user experience: they have added a lot in the mix, not just to satisfy your fashion sense, but enable you follow the trend in the any area of interest. Instantly search for anything you like inside any picture by touching it.

On the other hand,, is a platform where professional skill-based services, such as graphic artists, etc., can be sourced. He also explained the modus operandi of the business, attributes, traction, income and profit potentials

The core feature of the app is that a simple touch on any part of a photograph of interest will reveal in details all previously hidden information on the touched part! Yes, the experience can be so awesome you’d think you are a spy.

Before the Pitch session, however, the invited speakers at the event, John Obaro, MD, SystemSpecs, (Remita) and Jane Egerton-Idehen, Country Manager, Avanti Satellite Communications , gave the attendee Startups some nuggets on what and what not to do, if they want to successfully run their Startup businesses.

First to speak was MD, SystemSpecs, (Remita), John Obaro. John was full of praises for the CFA team for organising the Start-ups Hangout. He gave a vivid illustration of the power of technology, when he revealed that he had to resort to the use of the Google Map to guide him through the heavy traffic to arrive at the venue of the Hangout event, way ahead of some members of his staff that left the office earlier than he did, but we’re still stuck in traffic.

John, then, gave the Startups 19 nuggets that can assist them to run a successful business and also, to scale. Some of these nuggets, as analysed here, include the fact that the Start-ups should be ethical in their approach to doing business and also have integrity. He admonished the Startups not to cut corners if they want to play for the long haul.

John also emphasised the need for the Startups to respect their employees, even though, they pay their salaries, as they cannot do the job alone.

He also stressed the need for the Startups to learn to work hard, stating that, being an entrepreneur calls for giving 24 hours attention to the business and they should not see it as an 8:00am to 5:00pm job schedule, if they want to succeed in it.

Another critical nugget that John passed on, is the fact that the Start-ups should get legal advise, all the way through the journey of their business, so as not to run into problems along the way.

He also advised the Startups to learn to walk away from business deals that, in the end will make them lose focus of their objectives and goals and then, bring problems to the business, sooner or later. “Not all jobs are for you, although, they may look attractive”, he stressed. He, however, agreed that this could be a tough call for a budding Startup, who needs to keep body and soul together as well as keep his business afloat, but he advised that they should be smart in choosing.

Startups should pioneer their own solutions, according to John. “It’s nice to copy, but it is better to be a pioneer. Pioneer your own solutions. Learn to carve out something distinct”, he encouraged the Startups.

Jane then, took the stage. She gave a different perspective to the whole scenario, when she stated that she was going to talk about her failure story, so that the Startups could learn what not to do. “Many successful entrepreneurs, always talk about their success stories and say nothing about the business they tried out, but failed in”, she stressed. “I am going to talk about a business I tried my hands on and failed in, so that you can learn what not to-do from it”, she explained.

Jane said that she started a business with some of her friends some years ago, called Moma, a fashionware outfit that pregnant women can patronise to get fitting wears for themselves during pregnancy. The first blunder that she and her partners made, was that none of them knew about fashion design processes.

She stated that, not until she started negotiating with factories in China and in India and she started to hear some fashion designing terms that were strange to her, that she now had to attend a Fashion Design school to keep herself up to date. According to Jane, the first lesson to learn, therefore, is to know the business you want to go into, in and out.

Jane also stated that, when the business was failing and there came a time to make a choice as to whether to source for more funding or wind down the business, she realised that her friends who were her partners were not interested in acting on any of the options and she stated that she just had to walk away from the business, preferring to lose all her investments instead of destroying friendship.

The lessons to learn here, she stated include the fact that, no matter who  you are going into business  with, whether they be your friends or whoever, always have a Memorandum of understanding drawn before you commence the business. Do not overlook the legal aspects of your business as this could be crucial in defining a lot of things in future.

Jane ended by saying that, as an entrepreneur, Startups should carve out time for their business and not just leave it solely for their Managers to run.

Out of the three Startups that were shortlisted and invited to participate in the pitch session, only two showed up. The two were and

Touchabl, according to Gabriel Eze, the Founder/UX Designer, is a platform, where you can instantly search for anything in a picture by touching it. He explained the attributes, traction, income and profit potentials, etc., of the business as well as what the business will be needing to move on to the next level.

Likewise, Victor Tams, Founder/CEO of, explained that the platform is one, where professional skill-based services, such as graphic artists, etc., can be sourced. He also explained the modus operandi of the business, attributes, traction, income and profit potentials, etc.

At the end of the day, it was decided that the two Startups, who incidentally both came all the way from Port Harcourt, be given the opportunity of featuring in an interview with me on Tech Trends on Channels Television.

The Chairman of Neo Media & Marketing Limited,  Ehi Braimah, graced the November 2017 edition of the CFA’s Startups Hangout with his attendance.

The November 2017 edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout was sponsored by TAMS and Remita.

The organisers also thanked the Media partners, Guardian Tech, NigeriaCommunications Week, Connectnigeria, ITPulse, Cyber Africa and for their continued support in publicising the event for the benefit of our numerous Startups.

Watch out for the next edition of CFA’s Startups Hangout @