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Truecaller has big plans for Africa



Director of Global Developer and Startup Relations at Truecaller, Priyam Bose
Truecalleris notable as consumer apps. It is becoming a household name, not in Nigeria, but Africa in general

Since inception, the consumer app company has been evolving in its mission to impact people around the world,

Touring Africa to find a suitable location for their regional headquarters, the Truecaller global team was recently in Nigeria to spearhead the Truecaller Software Development Kit (SDK) launch.

The Director of Global Developer and Startup Relations at Truecaller, Priyam Bose, is among them. Prior to Truecaller, Priyam was in charge of strategic partnership and ecosystem development at Microsoft.

Priyam’s passion for impacting the global community informed his decision to join the Truecaller team in 2015.

During a recent conversation with Techpoint, he revealed Truecaller’s goals and anticipations for the African market.

He said, “We have already seen a lot of organic growth in the African market, millions of our users are from Africa, and the African economy is evolving, it’s digitising more and more, and people are getting empowered.

“Truecaller’s access empowers users and economies, that’s what we have seen. India is a great example. We have a big team in India and our service is all about empowering, just building lives. We seek how we can make the communication of everyone productive, safer, and help them with their daily lives.

“We have seen that users genuinely love our product and are organically using it in their daily lives. We have seen that with India, with the Middle East and now we have seen that with  Africa. So, Africa is so important for us.

When asked how has the African market size influenced Truecaller’s mission, he said, “If you look at the history of Truecaller, what you’ll observe is that we have focused more on the product, building its user cases, and we have really seen organic user growth. People genuinely love our product. You see it’s just like the toothbrush use case; you use your toothbrush every day.

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