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Twitter, Facebook: The new trends you should know



Twitter, Facebook: The new trends you should know

– Twitter new 280-character limit and bargain subscription plan

– Facebook’s adding a new ‘rentals’ section to marketplace, expanding opportunities

By Celestine Achi

After recently adding a new, dedicated section for vehicles in Marketplace, Facebook has now announced that they’re also adding another dedicated tab for rental properties, as part of the continued expansion of the option.

The new ‘Rentals’ segment will enable you to narrow down your search, check out images, and get in contact with the listing manager, direct from the Marketplace tab.

Twitter on the other hand is offering a subscription ad service called Promote Mode that lets advertisers send up to 10 promoted tweets per day for $99 per month, as reported by Ad Age.

It’s geared toward small businesses and brands that want a low-cost, no-fuss way to market on the micro-blogging platform without having to manage full ad campaigns.

One issue that marketers might not like is the service acts as an automated promotion “engine” as described by Twitter that chooses which tweets to actually promote up to 10 each day instead of allowing marketers to pick which tweets they actually want to promote. According to Twitter, the subscription is best fit for accounts with up to 2,000 followers.

In separate Twitter news, it is rolling out the new 280-character limit for tweets to all users, an expansion from the platform’s iconic 140-character limit and an Adweek report pointed out how brands are already using the new limit.

Tweets from brands like Charmin, Kit Kat and White Castle hit the max and were populated with a plethora of emojis, repeated words and in some cases just longer messaging.

Some users had previously been given the expanded tweet option, and in testing only 5% of tweets in the test went over the old 140-character limit and a mere 2% had more than 190 characters.