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Having access to quality research work enables evidence-informed decision-making. It is useful to scholars, organisation, and most essentially for national policy.

Unfortunately, research output in developing economies like Nigeria lags well behind developed ones like Europe.

Unarguably, the lack of cutting-edge research, and a lack of evidence-informed policy-making are major hindrances to development in Nigeria and Africa in general.

However, challenges to cutting-edge research in the continent are blamed on lack of funding; poor investment in education; skills migration to overseas institutions; and limited international collaboration, especially in research innovation and design.

There are also factors as expensive and limited internet connectivity; reliance on external donors for research infrastructure, which undermines national ‘buy-in’ to research; and little demand from policy-makers on research needs.

Nevertheless, one of the critical steps to address these multifaceted challenges is harnessing and attracting researcher diaspora; innovating through information and communication technologies to harness global skills; and establishment of local repositories for refined research outputs and policy briefs to help bridge the research/policy divide.

This is where comes in. The innovative platform launched by Founder/CEO, Ezugwu Chigozie serves as a repository for researched works and enables users to read, share and get more from the web.

The entrepreneurs behind

“The aim of establishing Raadaa is to make quality content and research works available to you for free. We want to empower the people, because today data has become ubiquitous and relevant in every facet of life, while relevant data is verifiable through research.

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“We are very excited to let you know that we are launching our advertising platform today. is all about breaking barriers to knowledge.

What is acceptable?

As a platform, Raadaa is meant for individuals, authors and organizations – including publishing houses to publish, share and monetize both small and large contents, books, articles, research papers, magazines, blog and newspaper content.

Other benefits


The company’s mission is to accelerate access to research, information and knowledge sharing all over the world by giving authors the power to instantly earn money from their works by monetizing it on our platform and allowing everyone to read for free.

On Raadaa, authors can monitor the consumption of their content and the discussions raised, as well as view their impact, based on the ratings and reviews they get.

They can also share with fellow authors and participate in peer reviews.

“Asides these, the biggest advantage to authors on this platform, is that they can instantly monetize and earn monthly revenue on their content,” Chigozie says in a chat with our Correspondent.

Essentially, the platform also invites students of tertiary institutions, graduates of tertiary institutions and postgraduates researchers to compete in her online research competition.

Additional features Ads Platform is also additional feature designed to give the advertiser complete information about his or her ads performance and high return on investment.

Already, the platform is working with the British Council to promote UK/Nigeria Summative Evaluation Tender Adverts.

“We will be looking forward to promoting local and international businesses and brands on our platform so feel free to contact us and we will give you huge return on your money and meet your advertising needs”, Chigozie explains.

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