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#WeAreGenesys: The future of Nigeria belongs in the digital age- Sen. Ken Nnamani



  • @GenesysTechHub #genesysIgnite #Tenece are forward thinking with the event today, he says

The future of Nigeria belongs in the digital age, says President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria (2005-2007), Senator Ken Nnamani, adding that it will become visible if the country strategizes properly.

He made the remark as keynote speaker at GenesysIgnite, the biggest annual convergence of tech hubs and startups in the South-Eastern Nigeria, organised by Tenece Professional Services Limited, adding that the world will come to Nigeria for technology as the country follows the right steps.

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu and President of the Senate, Federal Republic of Nigeria (2005-2007), Senator Ken Nnamani, at the GenesysIgnite 2017

Senator Nnamani, said that the educational institutions, especially the universities should endeavour to feed the technology industry with skilled manpower fit for the future workplace.

He also showered encomiums on Tenece for the foresightedness in organising the event capable of igniting mind-shit from election ballot box snatching to technological evolution in the region.

Hear him: “What Tenece is trying to ignite in the South East and Enugu State in particular is awesome, by projecting and opening the eyes of our young people to tech disruptions.


Touchable and other startups, present and pitching at #WeAreGenesys

“It is important, because our people are ingenious and if we can apply the ingenuity in the tech ecosystem we can compete with the Silicon Valley. It is high time we shift our ingenuity from snatching ballot boxes during elections, and channel the strengths to technology.

Silicon Valley is seated in San Francisco Bay Area in the northern part of the U.S. state of California and Genesyes is seated in Amechi, Enugu State; I believe that Kingsley Eze and his team are forward thinking by putting together this type of programme.

The gathering of tech enthusiasts in Enugu at GenesysIgnite

“I am not against partying, but this (tech ecosystem) is where you ingenuity will be tested, where your original ideas can be trusted; or you apply the Japanese model of embracing prototypes and investing on R&D.

“Everything you do today has a touch of technology; whether you are booking for fright; you can’t avoid it even if you want to remain analogue, you need to consult someone to do it.

“I want to stimulate your consciousness because the education sector in the country is ‘good’ but not reflective of the times we are in, but you need to seek for further skills that are relevant to today’s workplace and activities.

“I think our schools should endeavour to introduce a bit of programming. Today, COBOL and other programming gadgets have reduced in size hence computer appreciation should be our drives. The advanced countries aren’t waiting for us. There is need for every student to have a little knowledge of computerization before graduating.

“The ambiance here has a semblance of Silicon valley, because it is serene. Genesyes is going to become a tech-hub for South East and West Africa in general.

“It is important that our students ask questions and not follow the bandwagon, deceiving ourselves. We do in competitive environment; hence technology is the latest competitive environment. Also, your curiosity is paramount to make it happen.

Startups, Students and youths drawn from universities Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi States, participating at GenesysIgnite 2017

“If we take technology very serious, South East will be better for it. It is beginning to happen and in the nearest future, people will begin to appreciate it.

“This is a very history making exercise; if you pay attention, not only will you understand reasons to pay more attention to technology matters, however, you will be inundated on current trends that will drive your startup affairs.

“I want to commend Kingsley Eze, the Founder of Genesys, because anybody who deals on areas that impact the youths cannot be wrong.

“He is inspiring our young people to pay attention to what is happening now and in the future, through incubating ideas that could develop into viable ICT solution providers. When these solutions materialise, we expect them it in turn to create employment opportunities and taxes (revenue) generation”.

The main objective of the platform, according to Managing Director & CEO, Tenece Professional Services Limited, Kingsley Eze is to discuss latest technology trends that impact the regions, and to proffer strategies for unearthing benefits in the various sectors of the Nigerian economy at large.

The event is also promoting innovative business solutions and ideas, currently propagated in the form of Startups, within the region…culminating in Startups pitches from qualifying Startups, during the events demo segment.