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An initiative that waters seeds in the Nigerian Startup Ecosystem. TechPointBuild is one, now we need another



On Saturday, January 27th 2018 proved to be a significant inception of something that has really come to impact the Start-Up scene in Nigeria.  This is none other than ‘‘TechPointBuild Maiden Edition’’

I must say, if you missed this event, then you missed out big-time, like really “Big”, but have no worries you’re wiser now and this same wonderful event would be taking place again in one year to come, don’t miss out twice !!!

Now it seems rampant, yes “rampant” because you look left, you look right, you look up and down and even when you look within you, there’s a Start-Up there too. Funny right?  Haha. But now regardless of how rampant it may seem, the average startup ecosystem in Africa is like 4.7 yrs old and as Nigeria is definitely included in that range and we are still growing.

Let’s acknowledge this and apply fertilizers to boost our own growth. This is a gradual process but it’s just a matter of time, If you take a quick look back, let’s say 2 years,  you would notice a vivid difference between the ecosystem then and now.

According to Disrupt Africa records, investments into tech startups in Africa hit a record high in 2017, this same 2017 that passed us by while everyone was lamenting stagnancy.

I don’t expect us to go down from that record, that’s of course, if we relent in the commendable things we all are doing, or maybe some kind of catastrophe hits Nigeria. The best approach to problem-solving is ‘diagnosis’. We have diagnosed ourselves and we know our sickness, now let us continue working together in order to heal ourselves, otherwise watch the labors of our heroes past be in vain.

Techpoint Build is something that inspires startup culture, though it is one amongst others and we need many more. Most startups fail because lack of a proper orientation, a survival instinct and actual innovation, it’s a jungle in here, and only the fittest survives. I can say for a fact that Techpoint Build offered orientation, but the later two, it is something one has to inspire by one’s self. Every startup that battled in the pitch-storm definitely gained something they didn’t have before. It could be a fired-up confidence to pitch to thousands of listeners, or a perfect approach to actual innovation.

All ye startups!!! pre-existing and on-coming don’t fail to diagnose yourselves properly lest that sickness kill you. Cultivate the startup culture, look left, look right, look up and down, if you can’t find innovation to disrupt, now look within, there must be something there.


Some years ago, we set the bar high for ourselves, we’ve managed to jump and hang on, now are we going to leave the bar in that same height? Definitely not! let’s turn it up a notch, or wait! Two notches or even three, we have to keep jumping till we fly, we can be exponential in our growth, we should be! if we oil our engines to double our efforts.

Thus I’m calling out to investors, VCs, our Tech Mummies and Daddies, all and any one with the power to influence. We need more battle grounds to practices our survival skills, we can’t disrupt anything if we are sitting in our comfort zone.

It would be rude of me to end this piece without saying a hearty congratulations to the Winners of the pitch at Techpoint Build maiden edition. an online platform that seamlessly connects Job seekers and skilled individuals to paid internships across Nigeria. The masterminds behind, Ayobami Adeleke ,  Tayo Fagbohun and every other team member, you all deserve your success.

And to the other eight finalists that made it to the pitch-storm, something good made you all stand out amongst 200 startups that wanted the same thing. So, remain outstanding and disrupt the ecosystem, your time is now!


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