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Facebook Posts: What to expect from news feed changes




The Social Network giant- Facebook has confirmed that they’ll be making concerted moves to show users more posts from people they know – and fewer posts from Pages.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the coming changes in a post, outlining that their aim is to ensure that the time people spend on Facebook is ‘well spent’.

Speaking on this, a Digital Media Expert, Celestine Achi describes the move by Facebook as “Good marketing strategy to coerce more marketers to use facebook ad and sponsored post.

Achi, who is the Founder of leading Digital PR platform in Nigeria, continues “Last week Facebook announced that organic post reach for Pages would continue to decline as part of a new effort to focus on person-to-person interactions.

Celestine Achi

“Publishers and brands who used to connect to people via their Facebook Pages will need to re-think how they engage with people on the platform going forward.

“Of course, you can use conventional Facebook news feed hacks to mitigate a small extent of the loss, but in order to survive, we’re going to need to make much bigger changes.

“I have sent to your inbox, top 6 strategies worth considering to help mitigate the loss of Facebook organic traffic for your business Page. For advocacy, I am authoritatively recommending FB group. That is where you can drive your advocacy message deeper into the feeds”.

You can contact him here for further explanations.

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