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Google spends $30b improving its infrastructure during past three years




Google said on Tuesday that it is adding three new undersea data cables as it continues to bulk up its ability to power cloud services around the world.

Ben Treynor Sloss, cloud platform vice president, Said  Google has spent $30 billion improving its infrastructure during the past three years and “we’re not done yet”.

Fast, reliable internet connections have become imperative as games, social networks, television, financial transactions, documents and more are accessed as services hosted online at data centers.

Sloss, in a blog post, said that, “Simply put, our cable systems provide the speed, capacity and reliability Google is known for worldwide,”

“While we haven’t hastened the speed of light, we have built a superior cloud network as a result of the well-provisioned direct paths between our cloud and end-users.”

Google competes with Amazon Web Services as a platform that companies can contract to handle cloud offerings.

Sloss, added that, Google is adding network capabilities in Netherlands, Montreal, Finland, Hong Kong and Los Angeles this year..

Next year, Google will commission three subsea cables.

A ‘Curie’ cable connecting Chile and Los Angeles will be the first intercontinental connection of its kind not owned by a telecom company, Sloss said.


Google will work with leading social network Facebook and other companies on a “Havfrue” cable linking the US with Denmark and Ireland.

A Hong Kong-Guam cable system in the Pacific Ocean will improve capacity between Australian and locations in Asia, according to Google.

“Together, these investments further improve our network – the world’s largest – which by some accounts delivers 25 percent of worldwide internet traffic,” Sloss said.

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