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The Regrets of, a merchant on Jumia Nigeria



  • Slide Safe set to dump platform
  • Accuses Jumia of causing ‘business dissatisfaction with customers’
  • Laments ‘operational cost of doing business with Jumia is too high’

Today, it is almost impossible to mention top five e-commerce websites in Nigeria without Jumia topping the chat or coming among the top three.

Founders and Managing Directors of leading courier company- African Courier Express, (ACE), Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin pioneered in a garage in Lagos, June, 2012.

Jumia has since grown to become one of the biggest online retail brands in the country. Infact, the platform has earned the position, because as a trailblazer, brand name is even lifting other startups under the African Internet Group (AIG) portfolio from imminent exit from different markets they represent.

Today, Jovago has rebranded to JumiaTravel. HelloFood has also changed its name to JumiaFood; likewise, Keymu is now referred to JumiaMarket. JumiaHouse, once Lamudi, has since been acquired by The erstwhile Managing Director of Jumia Travel, Kushal Dutta, once said that investors in the company’s ventures are happy with the achievements of all the companies under the Jumia brand name.

But, the investors may not want to hear about the disaffection between Jumia and Slide Safe.

Slide Safe Nigeria is a public health innovation to help drive the increase of screening of STIs and use of contraceptives among sexually active people in Nigeria, in a way that protects their privacy, without stigmatising them.

The platform which joined Jumia Nigeria’s merchant programme in June 2017 is already on the verge of dumping for them this quarter (2018).

Slide Safe alleged that “the operational cost of doing business with Jumia is too high”.

Slide Safe is also not happy that Jumia for causing “business disaffection” between them and the customers”.

“I’ve decided to take Slide Safe products off Jumia this first quarter”, Slide Safe Founder, Ms. Florida Uzoaru, confirmed in a follow-up chat with, to a post on Silicon Africa (Facebook Group).

Slide Safe not happy with Jumia Nigeria

“In the beginning, when we started, we sold more via Jumia than our website or social media. Back then, we were still signed on to Jumia Express/Jumia First, so we didn’t incur extra operational costs that came with dropping off the packs, and in the case of returns, retrieving the packs. Then Jumia woke up one morning, and kick us out.

“So now, we bear the cost of dropping and retrieving every pack – and at their timetable! But that’s not even what’s causing the vexation. It’s that after we’ve dropped the packs for delivery, Jumia will take their sweet time to get it to the customers. Once an order was with them for 3 weeks! 3 weeks!!!”

Ms. Uzoaru went further to explain “A product on POD! The customer complained again and again to us, but like we explained in the beginning, we’ve no control over how long Jumia will take. Our delivery cost more may be higher when he buys directly, but at least we’d work tooth and nail to make sure it gets to him on time.

“He, however chose Jumia instead, and that’s fine. It’s Jumia I blame. If their operations had been good, we wouldn’t have lost the customer, plus the transportation and man hours costs to us going back and forth to Jumia, first to deliver and then for return.

“Right now, we’re selling more from our website than through Jumia, so this ‘sufferhead’ needs to end”.

Uzoaru also lamented that “The operational cost of doing business with Jumia is too high for me right now”.

“Jumia isn’t giving us value, so the business relationship has little to offer us. “Jumia charges a penalty for not moving the order to ready to ship in 24hours. This penalty is about N1,300 or thereabout

“If you don’t ship/drop off with them within 48 hours or so, they cancel the order and still charge a penalty. It takes about N500 to and fro to drop pack at Jumia, add printing shipping detail to that, that’s about N600.

“You buy the packaging material – I think we paid like N2000 – N3000 for 50 jackets + bubble wrap.

Then they charge N100 – N200 per delivery as transportation fee. The value proposition Jumia supposedly offers businesses like Slide Safe is that they get us the customers. Customer acquisition is hard and expensive in the beginning of a business, so it sounded like a good bargain. The only problem is, Jumia isn’t doing that for us. Like I said, we’re selling more by ourselves.

“We still wouldn’t have cared so much about the costs to us, if they’d only deliver in time to the customers they supposedly get. With such crappy service, why combine it with POD? We spend before customer pays. Right now, all the returns so far from Jumia is often due to nobody being at home to pick up the package from Jumia – at least that’s what their report states. Only one was there a rejection due to someone not liking the packaging, and another stating package was damaged (Jumia’s fault). All the only returns have been from those who chose the POD option. The problem is, if customer doesn’t pay, we lose. Not to mention the resultant business dissatisfaction too, especially when you’re new”.

“Then they charge N100 -N200 per delivery, in the name of transportation fee. Apparently it gets you the customers. Only they aren’t doing that for me. Like I said, we’re selling more by ourselves.

When asked further, Ms. Uzoaru admitted, “there must be fellow merchants on the Jumia platform who are seriously ‘smiling to the banks’;Jumia just hasn’t done as good for us as it must be doing for them.”

“We still wouldn’t have cared so much about the costs to us, if they’d only deliver in time to the customers they supposedly get. With such crappy service, why combine it with POD? We spend before customer pays. So if customer doesn’t pay, we lose; and business dissatisfaction too, especially when you’re new”.

Slide Safe is discretely delivered to customers, at their preferred drop-off location and time.

Slide Safe helps you become more conscious of your sexual safety by providing you with sexual health products in a way that protects your privacy, without stigmatising you.

Meanwhile, efforts made to get Jumia spokesperson to respond to these allegations proved abortive.

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