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Sidmach, passionate about investing in the startup ecosystem- Mike Olajide





Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited “Sidmach” has kept to its mission which revolves around creating platforms to make work smarter and life better.


This also informed the decision of the famous indigenous software company’s continued investments on startups.


Records show that Sidmach’s innovations have transformed the Nigerian educational system for good. Well, that’s a topic for another time.


Presently, the company is galvanising itself, making meanings out of innovations and preventing ideas from degenerating to ‘Startup Wastes’.


The Executive Director, Finance and Administration of Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited and the Executive Chairman, WaveTek Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mike Olajide, speaks on why Sidmach has chosen this part that most money bags in Nigeria dreaded; investing on startups and giving others opportunities to up their skills through internship:


“Our youths are resilient; they want to do something for themselves. We keep churning out graduates, but the jobs are not there. So, that is where skill sets come in. Today, Andela is doing a lot in the area of training and sending people to organisations. Microsoft is doing same with us through ‘Microsoft App Factory’.


Sidmach hqrts in Lagos where the Apps Factory is located


“Through the platform, Microsoft is helping us develop curriculum, providing facilitators, etc. on our part, we just have to appoint an App Factory Manager or technical mentors. We have recruited 10 interns to work with this year, while the factory will be managed by three officers. These interns are not neophytes, but they need to polish their skills and learn how to keep to standards. It takes a period of six months; the first three months will be for remedial of the skill gap.


“The remaining three months will be for hands-on projects. If they have disruptive projects that we can take to the market, they can also be mentored to develop them.


“At the expiration of six months, we can sign them on as developers in Sidmach and from the pool of skilled manpower we are developing we can send them to other organisations in the country. Having said that, others can begin the process of building their companies.


What is driving Sidmach’s interest on startups and internship programmes?


“All along, we have expressed interest in education and young people. That is why we are investing so much in education, health and agriculture. We saw that young people want to do things differently. But, lack of mentorship or guidance is part of reasons some are running away. If you investigate, some of the Libya returnees are bright minds who are just seeking greener pastures. So, our interest is to assist as many as possible and prevent them from getting frustrated”, Mr. Olajide said.


Already, they have invested on APIMS, a healthcare solution developed by young people in Ibadan.


APIMS nearly closed shop when SIdmach tactically intervened by providing some seed funds and relocated the startups to its ‘innovation factory’ in Lagos.


APIMS by Sidmach

APIMS as a hospital management software (HMS) stands for All Purpose Medical Information System and meant to capture, store, exchange and utilise healthcare data/information easily and transparently.


The software solves the problems associated with data/information/knowledge for hospital owner, healthcare professionals, care givers, patients, government, health maintenance organization and other healthcare stakeholder.


It is more than just an electronic health records (EHR) system or a hospital management software (HMS), it is an innovative Health Information System (HIS) that connects all stakeholders together on a single platform to harness the value that is inherent in our connectedness either for health service delivery, education, research or administration.



“The APMIS, for instance, was almost dying before we stepped in. You know what it means to provide server, the costs associated with providing supports, and other challenges. So, when we invested, the concept also changed and today the young man is happy. That is why we deliberately chose ‘smartly making lives and work better’ as our moto. We are passionate about this; as this is the only way Nigeria can not be left out in the digital revolution”, he added.   

      understands that Sidmach will some unveil APMIS while another disruptive startups is on the waiting room to redefine the logistics sector. These are laudable projects which other investors should emulate.  

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