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TrillzApp, offers you different experience locating events, people




TrillzApp, a robust and smart mobile app that uses location technology to give users notification of events happening in their location and based on interests, has been launched.

The beta version was launched in November 2017. In December of the same year, the app was out of Beta. Presently, the available version of the app is Android version, however the iOS will be released soon.

Why TrillzApp in a market seemingly saturated by similar apps reached out to the five-member team, made of mainly first time apps developers:

The team behind TrillzApp

Ezeh Stanley Okechukwu – Team Lead, Critical Analyst, Business co-founder; Nwagba Okechukwu- Lead User Experience/user interface developer, Tech co-founder; Nzeako Kosisochukwu Anthony – Lead Android Developer, tech-cofouner; Ogbuanya Chinenye – Graphics designer, Content Developer and Ukiwe Stephany – Sales Strategist and Social Media Manager; they believe the market needs TrillzApp.

TrillzApp solves a number of needs, namely:

  • Keeping track of events and opportunities in particular areas;
  • Connect with people and places in a particular and
  • Seamless Ticket sales and event management.

Furthermore, it helps event organizers get feedback from attendees.

In terms of events booking, how is it different from eventbrite?

TrillzApp is a robust and smart mobile app in that it uses location technology to give users notification of events happening in their location based on their interests.

In addition to aiding users to book events seamlessly online, TrillzApp is designed to help users keep tabs on happenings in their area while helping them express their thoughts about events through ratings, comments and chats.

TrillzApp doesn’t just help people book events like Eventbrite, but it provides a good interface between the user, the event and the event manager.

In terms of location based functions, how it is different from platforms like

Unlike which is basically an online map, TrillzApp uses advanced geo-fencing and location technology to give users notifications of happenings in their areas based on their interests.

How easy or hard was it for the team as students to sponsor the project?

“Sponsoring the TrillzApp project hasn’t been easy especially as we are students. Initially, being part of the Roar Nigeria Incubation Hub was supposed to be a plus to us since we were promised funding, support, training and mentorship but due to unknown logistic and administrative reasons, these promises have barely been fulfilled and the funds have not been disbursed to us. Because we were determined and passionate to make an impact in our society by helping young people discover opportunities, events and happenings in different locations, we devised various strategies to help us raise funds on our own.

“We often had to skip meals and deprive ourselves of certain Luxury and privileges to be able to squeeze out money from our meagre monthly allowances from our parents. Sometimes, we had to do some extra jobs for friends to get funds to complement funds raised from family.

“Building the app together was honestly tough. It was our first time building an app, not just that, building one together as a duo. But it was an interesting journey and the tussle and hustle has really refined me and helped in redefining my purpose.

“Currently the app is in a good stable state, obviously ideas are popping in and out, but we’re gradually monitoring user interactions and feedback to know what our next move is. People are gradually gaining interest in our ticketing feature. However it’s a real struggle convincing people to pay online, but with time we hope to clear the air of that skepticism and break even.

“It was really a challenging experience, one that pushed me to limits I’d have naturally entirely inundating journey, knowledge and experience wise and indeed an exciting one”, the team summed up their experiences.

What was the team’s greatest challenge?

Just like every tech start up, our greatest challenge has been growing our user base and getting adequate funding from potential investors.

The team rating of incubation programme at roar Nigeria

“The Roar Nigeria incubation program was initially designed to impact in the university community by grooming students to become entrepreneurs. The vision was to engender the development of a topnotch tech-ecosystem to birth innovations, inventions and great ideas in the University.

“This vision has hitherto, been slightly delayed and almost subtly averted since the inauguration of the Hub in May 26, 2017. Not much has been done to support the startups who are supposed to be incubated for a period of three months.

“These students working on various startups have been left to cater for their every need including internet connectivity in order to build and grow their startups. So on a candid note, we would give a rating of say 2 out of 10. We are still optimistic that come 2018 as promised by the Hub management, “the vision would become clearer and things would become better”.

One of the major obstacles anyone would face in the course of introducing a new product/platform to Nigerians is mindset shift. Has TrillzApp developers encountered same?

“Introducing a new platform such as ours to Nigerians is quite challenging since Nigerians need a paradigm shift in their mindset. TrillzApp has faced this challenge especially because it’s a ‘made in Nigeria’ mobile app”.

“We intend penetrate the market first by targeting the event industry through the sale of tickets and by focusing more on young people within the ages of 15-30 which are most likely in the university and are naturally hyperactive and mostly in transit. We believe these target users will help grow the product faster and more efficiently since we have made the platform more socially interactive just as popular brands such as Instagram and Facebook.

Nigerians have penchant for apps like Google map, how do you think TrillzApp will compete in the market?

Google maps is a gigantic map software that has a number of applications and has been designed to be used in various apps that require map services. TrillzApp only uses some features of the Google maps to further assist users in getting directions to venues of events and happenings among others. Google maps has no local content for events; neither does it provide an avenue for users to interact with one another. Therefore, we are in no form of competition with Google.

What is the team’s greatest joy as app developer?

“The greatest joy of being a developer is the feeling of fulfilment that stems from the satisfaction and joy users have when using your app; it’s analogous to a mother who just put to bed. One can rightly say, developers and partakers of God’s creativity.

“On the other hand, app development can be very time consuming and frustrating. This further has psychological effects on developers, since they end up losing their social lives and becoming introverts thus making them seek solitude most of the time.

How much do you intend to raise to deepen the app penetration?

We intend to raise between N5-N15 million (Naira) in our first series of funding. Since we have promised local content, this will help us build a more rugged platform with less third party dependencies while upgrading our services.

What’s your view about South East Startup ecosystem?

We are happy with what is happening in the South east tech ecosystem. It has encouraged and support a lot of startups including TrillzApp. We are optimistic that given adequate time, the community will grow and birth bigger world-class startups.