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Danbatta Receives VDT, Bitflux & Spectranet Delegations




The office of Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Professor Umar Danbatta, has continued to receive visitors who throng the office, seeking partnerships and/or audience with emphasis on finding lasting solutions to challenges they face.

The visitors within and outside the telecommunications industry, believe that NCC has the capacity to meet these needs.

The delegation from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) were leaving, others from Spectranet, VDT Communications and Bitflux visited the EVC’s office too.

Recently, the Management of Bitflux Limited and VDT Limited paid a joint courtesy call to the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission.

Bitflux Limited holds a wholesale wireless (Broadband) license while VDT Limited is an ISP Operator in the market segment of Data services in Nigeria and, have developed a mutually beneficial relationship, of VDT retailing the services of Bitflux.

The team visited the Commission to discuss the challenges faced by their businesses in order to provide lasting regulatory solutions.


A group photograph of EVC NCC, some of his Management staff and joint team from Bitflux Limited and VDT Limited.


Professor Danbatta was pleased with the visit and their concerns regarding the operations of Broadband In Nigeria, where the EVC remarked that the presentation made on Cost based pricing study on Broadband/Data conducted in January 2018 in Lagos in collaboration with KPMG Limited was to look at the challenges of deployment, accessibility, availability and affordability of Broadband services in Nigeria, with a view to providing finest regulatory interventions for the deployment of Broadband services to meet up with the National Broadband projection of 2018.

Importantly, Danbatta also talked about ensuring fairness among the bigger and smaller players, competition, anti-competition, predatory pricing and cross-subsidization and NCC’s oversight regulatory functions to ensure everyone gets a fair share of the market.

Danbatta also spoke on the guiding principles of the Commission of being fair, firm and forthright to all players in the industry in order to enhance best regulatory practices.

Similarly, the New Chief Executive Officer of Spectranet Nigeria, Mr. Ajay Awasthi, paid a courtesy call to the EVC. Awasthi said that he is succeeding the former CEO of the Company, David Venn.

The new CEO accompanied to the NCC’s head office by the General Manager Network Empowerment at Spectranet, Zakir Hussain, introduced himself and spoke on Nigeria being the largest market for telecommunications services in Africa.

Awasthi, also spoke about expanding and extending their services across Nigeria, about the need for innovative strategies to overcome some of the challenges and on the need for Broadband speed and pervasiveness to enhance customer experience and meet/exceed customer expectations.

Professor Danbatta in his remarks referred to the National Broadband Plan and its expectation to provide 30% penetration by 2018, which implies extending Broadband services to about 50 million of the country’s population.


Centre: Professor Umar Garba Danbatta, EVC/ CEO NCC; to his right is Usman Malah Chief of Staff to EVC NCC; Spiff Initimi, Head Legislative and Government Relations NCC and others. To immediate left is the New CEO of Spectranet, Ajay Awasthi and Zakir Hussain, General Manager Network Empowerment Spectranet.


He also spoke about the 8-Point Agenda placing emphasis on an item of the 8-Point Agenda: facilitate Broadband penetration and dwelled on Broadband speed, transmission, users, pricing and mostly user applications as comprising the Broadband Ecosystem while highlighting innovative applications as the main goal of Broadband services.

The EVC welcomed the New CEO, sought good collaboration and wished him a happy and memorable stay in Nigeria.