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Most INEC Registration Centres Have One Laptop- NOIPolls Report




An independent report by NOIPolls has found that most Independent National Electoral Commissions’s registration centres had only a single laptop computer, with the capacity to register about 30 to 40 people daily without technical disruptions.

The new report released by NOIPolls on the assessment of the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) by INEC further revealed that Nigerians have scored the exercise 57 percent, indicating an average assessment.

The poll which consisted of a mix of telephone and on-the-ground face-to-face interviews at registration centres further revealed that about 8 in 10 (81 percent) fresh registrants say they have experienced some challenges at registration centres such as: Long Queues (35 percent), Distance to Registration Centres (25 percent), Inadequate Computer Systems (19 percent), Late arrival of INEC Officials (16 percent); Poor Communication Skills of INEC Officials (11 percent), and Inadequate Personnel (7 percent) to mention a few.

Source: NOIPolls

Interestingly, the on-the-ground face-to-face assessment of the exercise gave enumerators the opportunity to observe and hear directly from prospective registrants, who complained of having to wake up as early as 3:00 am to visit registration centres and still experience difficulty registering due to long queues and the sheer number of people coming out to register.

In some specific instances, out of over 200 names on an attendance list at a centre, only about 30 prospective registrants get registered daily due to inadequacy of INEC officials and computer systems.

The poll found that most registration centres had only a single laptop computer, which had the capacity to register about 30 to 40 people daily without technical disruptions.

Recently, there has been various campaigns by Nigerians regarding voters’ registration and a vast number of people are seen at the designated centers for the CVR exercise to either register or apply for the transfer of their permanent voter’s card / polling unit.

The Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, said that the commission had 74 million voters in its register by the second week of January 2019.

This figure indicates that more persons need to be registered before the general elections. Consequently, INEC approved and announced the creation of 10 additional CVR centers in each state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

Poll Findings

First, the NOIPoll sought to assess the level of awareness on the ongoing continuous voter registration exercise nationwide.

Source: NOIPolls

The result revealed that 68 percent of respondents are aware of the ongoing exercise, while 32 percent said they were unaware of the exercise. These findings therefore portray a relative level of awareness across the nation, considering that figures above 50 percent were generally recorded across all geo-political zones; although awareness seemed highest in the North-East (83 percent) and North-Central (74 percent).

Poll results revealed that the registration centres available for prospective registrants are not situated within their vicinities as our analysis showed that only 44 per cent of respondents affirmed that they have registration centres around their neighbourhood.

Conversely, 56 percent said they do not have any registration centres close to their locality. This obviously can go a long way in restricting citizens from exercising their civic rights, especially in the South-West and the South-East zones where only 32 and 37 percent, respectively, showed awareness of registration centres close to their localities. Although, INEC mentioned that it has a rotation plan for some Registration Centres to rotate within the Registration Areas (Ward) in each of the local government areas, there is a need to expedite this process.

Source: NOIPolls

In order to gain more insight on the ongoing continuous voter registration excercise, respondents nationwide were asked if they had been to any INEC registration centre recently and results revealed that 74 percent, which formed the majority, claimed that they had not visited the centre recently.

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