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Playjoor brings new dimensions to online gaming in Nigeria




An Enugu-based startup, Playjoor Technologies Limited, has launched a platform to redefine the gaming sub-sector in Africa.

The Startup launched the platform ‘Playjoor’ with aim to bring the multiplayer gaming community in Africa together through a game playing experience that combines the adrenaline of competition with the satisfaction of earning extra cash.

Playjoor, is the first real-time multiplayer gaming platform in the country.

PlayJoor founder


Speaking on the platform the Founder/CEO, Ms Nkemdirim Arukwe, said “What this means is that playjoor creates games that people can play with other people from all over the world and see the game as it plays instantaneously.

“With playjoor, players actually earn money while they play games. This is made possible using a coin system. When players register, they buy coins which they can sell back to Playjoor anytime they wish at a constant rate of 1 coin to 1 Naira. These coins are then used to play games with opponents from all over the world. For every game a player win, their coins increase!

“Playjoor also offers a level of quality customer service that is almost unbelievable. They go above and beyond to make sure every user is catered to on a case by case basis”.

Speaking on the features of the platform, Arukwe said, “The popular card game of Whot! Is available on Playjoor, with Chess and Scrabble on the way. Playjoorians are currently voting on what games they will like to be added.

“You can play with up to four opponents at a time; play with computer at different levels of difficulty; in game chatrooms; a vibrant forum; top quality customer service/support. In all, this platform is about impacting lives and raising the self-awareness of the users”, she added.

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