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AFA Sports Making Nigeria, Africa Proud with Tech Infused “LIV (54)” Footwear 




Africa’s leading sports merchandise manufacturers AFA Sports launch Africa’s first Active footwear designed and engineered in Nigeria.

As inscribed on its soles, the active wear shoes were designed to showcase the pride of Africa. The name “LIV (54)” represents the 54 countries on the African continent.

“LIV (54)” is tailored and customized to the African physiology, kinetics and environment. It is lightweight and has the perfect combination of grip, comfort, durability & bounce.

Features of AFA Sports premier active wear shoes include:

Contoured Traction Grip (CTG) technology with advanced arch support and rubber outsole borrowed from the multi movement patterns of the Sahara dessert.

A micro mesh knit that gives the shoes comfort and breathability in warm climates.

Multi gel areas for force deflections.

The AFA Sports 54’s can be worn to make a fashion statement or to elevate your basketball game.

The brand name AFA Sports means “Africa for Africa” and represents a concept that highlights Africa’s sports development and National pride.

AFA sports was created as a sports merchandise brand for Africa to cater to grassroot sports that are neglected by the international brands who would rather not build from the ground up in an emerging market.

The Company represents African sports and pride, it was established to showcase the pride & interest of the continent and this lays as the foundation of the brand.

It was created to give the Nigerian & the African sports industry the attention and quality they deserve; by creating a range of products that have been adapted to the climate, kinetics and colors that are unique to African social context.

In the past 2 years AFA Sports have steadily been designing concepts that are unique to Africa, also creating a whole new market and industry that was non-existent and small scaled. By capitalizing on this untapped market, there has been creation of jobs and opportunities for Africa and also major investments in media and content development.

The brand goal is to establish sports programs and encourage sports development in countries that are neglected and marginalized due to lack of investment.

The goal is being achieved through several projects such as sponsoring the Nigerian Volley Ball Federation and the Benin Republic National Team.

AFA sports is also currently working with the Liberian basketball federation to reinstate their program.

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