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#Hackaba2018: What Went Down at Bootcamp Day One



The Aba hackathon challenge is already on day two as it is expected that today is about a more practical sessions on how to make a great pitch and to work on ideas to make them viable.

But, what actually went down at the day one?

The Aba hackathon challenge kicked off on Wednesday with a bootcamp for selected teams to enlighten them about the concept of the made in Aba hackathon challenge and to get familiarize with the problems faced by the Aba manufacturing cluster.

Starting the event properly was a direct interaction with the different heads of manufacturing associations in Aba.

Insights from the garment manufacturers actually show that Aba has over 80,000 tailors excluding those in the streets and cluster.

The number consisting of youths who couldn’t further their education to the university level and over 85% of real fashion designers has at least a minimum of 5 years experience.

Also speaking on garment making and product branding problems by manufacturers, member of the Manufacturing Association in Aba Mr Samuel okoro- with 34 years experience, said:

“When a designer puts a foreign company’s name on his work, he/she is Abusing his intellectual property but thus is not the designer’s fault because people who rather go for Nike rather than an unknown Aba brand”

The teams were told about the History about how the city became a manufacturing powerhouse by the efforts of individuals who used the skills they acquired while working for big leather manufacturing companies in the 90’s to build their own products and tackle unemployment.

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The Commissioner for Science and Technology Abia state, Chief Fabian Nwankwo, took to the stage and gave his opening speech on how the State Government is empowering businesses in Aba.

A Q&A sessions followed for the teams to ask the manufacturing head question of the challenges and statistical data about Aba in relationship to the problems they are solving.


The main agenda for the day was the pitch section for selected teams to talk about their ideas and how it can add value to the manufacturing cluster.

Team Chantrade pitched about giving Aba a foreign presence by connecting manufacturers in Aba to wholesalers outside the country.

Team Ogwugo pitched about solving the exportation problem of bulk products such as shoes, fabric and other locally produced goods.

To solve Aba’s energy problem Team ken resource and team greenage technology pitched about using recycled material and renewable energy source respectively to provide constant power in Aba

Leveraging on Artificial intelligence and other advanced digital softwares Team Touchabl and Team Clintonel will be solving the problem of poor finishing of product, create a platform to take measurement of anybody wherever they are in the world and make customers Transact with Aba’s craftsmen online.

The event was wrapped up just after Mr George from TBWA took us on a tour via slides about the amazing things TBWA does to empower individual all over the world.

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