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Here Are 10 Teams to Pitch at Aba Hackathon Challenge



In its culture of promoting the development of South-South & South-East by encouraging the growth of Startups within the regions, Startupsouth in partnership with Ford foundation and TBWA announces the 10 Teams selected to pitch their ideas at the proudly made in Aba hackathon challenge 2018.

The hackaton was initiated to discover teams of individuals leveraging technology to solve the manufacturing, marketing, logistics and infrastructural challenges faced by the Aba manufacturing cluster, according to a report by

Statistical insight from TBWA shows that over 800 pairs of shoes, 350,000 belts and other leather goods are manufactured everyday in Aba. Also another one million, five hundred thousand (1,500,000) clothing items are manufactured every week in Aba.

Putting together Aba’s pool of experienced traders, manufactures and it enormous and diverse manufacturing abilities with a touch of technology those numbers of manufactured goods would tripple with a valuation of $3 billion.

Technology with the right implement has the potential to add value to the manufacturing cluster in Aba, enabling reliable execution of financial operation, speed up manufacturing processes of standard products and compete for a market share at world stage.

Startupsouth, Ford foundation and TBWA selected a cohort of 10 teams of individuals, each of which has an innovative idea or working prototype with a scalable business model that’ll improve Aba as a manufacturing power house, especially in sections of textile and leather productions.

On 14th an 15th of March, these startups will participate in a two days bootcamp to validate their ideas, sharpen their case for investnent and meet with potential customers and partners.

After the bootcamp, selected startups are to present to a panel of judges comprised of business leaders on March 16th.

The best three ideas will win a major sponsorship deal to successfully execute their ideas into mainstream.

Team Touchablwith the aid of artificial intelligence Touchabl want to develop a platform that’ll enable customers to take measurements and make transactions with Aba craftsmen online.

Team Greenagewants to boost the productivity in Aba by using renewable & clean energy source to solve the power problem in Aba.

Team Faypleswants to introduce standard operational procedures in the garment cluster of Aba as it affects finishing, delivery, consistency, production quality and distribution.

Team Chantrade: will be expanding Aba’s foreign presence in other international markets by connecting manufactures in Aba to other wholesalers outside the country.

Team Footware Academy: built to revolutionize the leather sector in Aba by introducing advanced industrial processes and support service that’ll empower local footware craftsmen in Aba.

Team KenResource: wants to use waste recycling technology to develop renewable energy source that’ll provide constant power in Aba

Team Clintonelis an idea to boost productivity in the Fabrication cluster by solving problems of poor finishing of products and poor time management through the introduction of advanced digital software.

Team Tailors directplans to digitize bulk ordering and the supply management system in the garment cluster of Aba which will enable Aba trade globally and expand their foreign presence.

Team ogwugo: an idea to create the next level of downstream exchange by solving the problem of exporting bulk products from Aba such as shoes,fabric, and other locally produced goods.

Only 30 sits are available for this event, get tickets here is you haven’t. Social media trends and activities about this hackathon will be pushed using the hashtag #hackAba2018