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Ideas Are Like Rabbits, Learn To Handle Them- Pascal Okeke



“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple, learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen,” was a recent post by the CEO of BigCode, Pascal Okeke which helps businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success.

Seeking further explanation on what it takes to grow ‘your’ rabbit (tech startup business) in Nigeria, narrowing it down to South East where he has made a lot of footprints, reached out to Pascal who is also the Convener of StartuAnambra; CTO, ExtraClass, among other startups he supports. (Excerpt).

Hear him: “Kick starting and running a Tech business is like running a business in every other sector. First, Tech Startup Founders should know that we have passed the Era of Okeke and Sons Business. Businesses of today’s are Innovation driven and it takes only those who went deep to survive beyond their first year.

“Now coming to setting up a business in Nigeria especially in the south Eastern part of the country.

“Tech business here is like a child’s play as we are still fighting the battle of orientating the community about the importance of Technology in today’s Businesses.

“If you are planning of coming to set up a business in the east here, kindly know that you have to hit outside the zone to get your well paid jobs else you are likely to change your office to a phone charging center. Every potential client in the east has a brother who renders the same service like you do. I wouldn’t wanna talk about Light issues or internet. Let’s leave it for another day”.

Watch out for the full interview!

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