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How mCoin Leads Cryptocurrency Accessibility, Reaches 5.8bn People




mCoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency accessible to 3 billion people without Internet. The official mCoin ICO launch will be on April 16th.

The World Blockchain Forum is the biggest blockchain event held this year in Dubai.

The ongoing pre-ICO sale has already attracted participants from more than 30 countries. This is a very good sign for success in the upcoming ICO.

mCoin works with ONEm services making blockchain technology available on any mobile.

ONEm founded in 2012, developed and deployed a revolutionary mobile platform.

The platform allowed mobiles without the internet to enjoy internet-like services. These applications solved everyday problems facing individuals and businesses. This creates a new opportunity to reach an untapped market with billions of people.

mCoin is unique. It reaches 5.8 billion people on mobiles of whom 3 billion people don’t have internet access. mCoin is secure because it is not on the internet creating an extra layer of security.

The demand for mCoin will rise due to mCoin’s novel mining concept. “Pseudo-mining” is a proof-of-work concept where anybody can earn mCoins through sponsored activities.

These special purpose activities impact society in a positive way. Users can spend mCoins through ONEm’s Sweb, Market Place and mCatalogue applications.

To foster mCoins’ rapid growth, ONEm has signed telco agreements in more than 20 countries.

This figure can double during the current year. Small and medium businesses can work with local mCoin partners. For the first time hundreds of millions of people worldwide can enjoy a digital currency. As a result, mCoin will increase in value where traditional cryptocurrencies can’t reach.

The CEO and Co-founder of ONEm, Christopher Richardson, said, “It is exciting to see that mCoin’s pre-ICO has attracted so many participants. This is a good sign for the launch of our upcoming ICO on April 16 at The World Blockchain Forum in Dubai. We are looking forward to meeting current and new mCoin supporters.”