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Swift Networks Launches Red Cheetah App for free Broadband Across Lagos



Swift Networks, is disrupting the way Wi-Fi services are provided in Nigeria, with the launch of a free broadband service code name Red Cheetah.

To make sure the services are evenly provided, the Company will in the next few month establish 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across Lagos State with with two million estimated daily users  .

This is a service-value addition by Swift Networks which offers state-of-the-art broadband services for cost-effective and reliable deployment of a multi-service network, offering converged voice telephony, video conferencing, video surveillance, high-Speed data transmission and Internet access services over our secure, high-speed and reliable telecommunications pipe.

Speaking at the product launch on Monday, the CEO/MD, Mr. Charles Anudu, said, Red Cheetah is a free broadband Wi-Fi service being piloted by Swift Network for esteemed customers and the traveling public; completely free of charge to the subscriber and will have no download limits.

“For almost two years, we have been working on this product. Swift as a brand, we don’t just talk for talking sake. Today, is one of those days we make available remarkable and disruptive product that addresses how Wi-Fi services are offered in this market”, he said.

Already, the Network has set up 500 Wi-Fi hotspots. Meanwhile, the Company says it will require no modem to be accessed in public spaces like buses and taxis, “because you must have downloaded the app to access the free Wi-Fi and can be accessed via any Wi-Fi-enabled device like smartphones, tablets, laptops, et cetera,” he assured.

The app went live on Google Play Store early this month and has recorded close to 20,000 downloads already.

According to the MD/CEO, Red Cheetah is supported by some corporate sponsors to keep Nigerians connected to the fastest and highest quality broadband access that will enable them to continue to achieve more, wherever they are.

“Subscribers to this service will periodically be required to view advertisement messages from the various sponsors who have made this service free,” Mr. Anudu said.

The service is already available in about 250 BRT buses, particularly those plying the Ikorodu road corridor.

He said that the services will fete small scale businesses who can afford to have the modem model installed in their offices such as restaurants, hairdressing stations, schools, among others.

Through this service, users are assured of free 30GB data monthly at 1GB per day.

On the adverts placement, he said, “We are trying to be cautious because not every advert should be shown to a child less than 18yrs and we wouldn’t want to show an advert of pock to a Muslim; so we are being careful. And advertisers would come to us requiring that we send adverts to certain segment/age bracket.

Why is Swift embarking on this journey?

“We don’t want to depend on the Government providing everything. This kind of service is offered in other climes by the Government, but we want to add values as entrepreneurs.

“What we are offering is the gateway to the internet. It is only when you get to the internet that you can access YouTube, Google, and other online resources. That empowerment is what we are bringing. This helps the economy. Broadband has become fundamental human right. Students, for instance, do not have the purchasing power to keep buying data monthly, but with this service they are assured of access.

“As a country, we missed the agricultural and industrial revolutions; we can’t miss the digital revolution.

This could be Nigeria’s contribution to the world. We witness 1000 downloads daily, but people are downloading in wrong places like US, Bayelsa. It can’t work in those places. But we are rolling out seriously in major locations in Lagos.

He said the product is another means to bring more Nigerians and businesses online.

“With Red Cheetah, more people will come online and more people will begin to watch video ads, because they will have free data. Also, a lot more people will be useful to themselves”, Mr. Anudu said.

The service is currently running at the Murtala Muhammad Airport 2, while discussions are on with regards installing modems in hospitals and other social institutions.

Red Cheetah is a brand under Swift Networks, a Nigeria’s leading broadband service provider to enterprise and residential customers.