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The Lions Roar! Arone, a Drone Company Gets First Angel Investment



History has been made at Roar Nigeria Hub, the new business incubator located at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

A drone company Arone, with parent company Magic Mirror, has gotten the first venture funding of a startup at the Hub.

This is a milestone achievement both for the incubator, showing it is becoming a startup hot spot in southeast Nigeria, and for the company Arone, who is now ready to start hardware investments and major prototyping of its business idea.

Arone has an idea to create a network of charging stations for drones in Nigeria in order to facilitate and increase the speed of deliveries in Nigeria.

An example is the ability of medicine or blood being able to be sent very quickly to patient in rural areas. Or making fast deliveries of groceries in cities with traffic problems.

“We got an investment of N2million, about $5,556 from two angel investors, Chibuzo Ujam & Echukwudi Daniel, for equity in the parent company to build our prototype drone. We are on schedule to complete our prototype by the ending of March”, says Arone founder Emmanuel Ezenwere.

“Arone has world class technical ideas and knowledge and their drone idea is one of those golden nuggets you seldom see. So smart, still relatively simple to understand and with a huge need in the market. I have no doubt that these guys will create groundbreaking things”, says External Incubator Manager, Jonas Michanek, who is a Swedish entrepreneur from Ideon Science Park in Sweden, helping to set up the incubator Roar Nigeria at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The Roar Nigeria business incubator – a hotspot for Nigerian startups

The incubator Roar Nigeria started 2016 and now has 12 startups in areas ranging from eHealth to mobile services and hardware solutions. It is one of the many achievements of the Vice Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Professor Benjamin Ozumba in collaboration with BOC (Benefiting Our Communities) Innovations, a private sector organization led by Charles Emembolu.

The incubator is run in close relationship with Ideon Science Park of Sweden.


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