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10 Reasons you should learn Artificial Intelligence



The attendees of the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas in March 2016 were astonished by what they saw. Sophia, a humanoid robot made her first appearance in the festival and left the crowd bewildered.
Being able to display over 60 different facial expressions, Sophia has received the limelight in multiple high-profile interviews from around the world. In October 2017, Sophia received the citizenship of Saudi Arabia, becoming the first ever robot to be given the citizenship of a country.

When talking about Artificial Intelligence, some people think about the destruction of the world and killer robots, but Artificial Intelligence is already playing a major role in our lives, non-destructively.

We all are familiar with programs such as Siri and Google Now, which are improving our way of life. Similarly, you must have played chess against the computer, in which most people get beat atrociously.

These programs are nothing but artificial intelligence, which is designed to assist us with a set of protocols. Similar programs are self-driving cars, or motion and reflex detecting video games, which evolve as time goes along.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity as time passes by, and a lot of big firms have already invested in Artificial Intelligence projects, and many more are jumping right in. Some of the biggest Artificial Intelligence projects are Google Brain by Google, Siri by Apple Inc, Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (A.L.I.C.E) chatterbot and Watson by IBM.

Apart from these prominent names, there are numerous other Artificial Intelligence projects out there, both big and small, which are helping the masses one way or the other.

Citing the uprising success of artificial intelligence and related projects, more and more individuals are now learning different skills pertaining to the field. We bring to you ten such reasons you should learn Artificial Intelligence.

1. Increased Opportunities

More and more companies are now investing in Artificial Intelligence. Irrespective of their domain, top firms around the world have understood the need for Artificial Intelligence in their domain. Google, Facebook, Deepmind, OpenIAI, Baidu and Microsoft are just a handful of the numerous giants all around the globe who are pondering their minds in AI.

Learning Artificial Intelligence opens new doors to opportunities which can lead to the door of one these giants. Many education institutions have affiliations with industry partners to augment the learning and career opportunities.

2. High Paying Jobs

An industry which has a high demand for individuals with a specific set of skills will surely provide a good remuneration. Spanning across domains and skill-levels, individuals employed in Artificial Intelligence industry can get an employment opportunity with a hefty pay scale.

As the demand for trained individuals is soaring and the supply is not matching, the average salaries are expected to rise even more.


3. Moving in Diverse Industries

Artificial is not limited to one or two industries but it has countless applications in even more industries. Artificial Intelligence has diverse applications in Healthcare, Transport, Aviation, Computer Science, Education, Finance, Heavy Industries and many more. Learning Artificial Intelligence can help you get into the domain of your choice, with choices being in abundance.

4. Consumer Acceptance

Artificial Intelligence is not just the tech savvy’s toy but is being accepted by consumers all around the world. Customers are now open to fully automated services, which certainly improves customer services.

Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa are some of the Artificial Intelligence programs which have penetrated into the daily life of millions of consumers around the world.

Consumers are also embracing the companies which are investing in Artificial Intelligence to provide their patrons with a greater than before service. As more and more people are accepting this industry, the career choices in Artificial Intelligence domain are becoming celebrated as well.

5. Need for a Skilled Workforce

There is no doubt that the Artificial Intelligence industry is witnessing a mammoth growth and things are not going to change anytime soon. As time progresses by, the need for a skilled workforce is going to increase swiftly.

Apart from a business point of view, Artificial Intelligence is a sensitive issue which requires expert individuals. As there are concerns concerning the adverse effects of Artificial Intelligence, appropriate and directed research is the need of the hour.

6. Ease of Education

The digital learning sphere has not left the Artificial Industry untouched as well. As machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have become hot topics of discussion among the who’s who of the industry, beginners have made their way to E-learning.

Artificial Intelligence education has been pushed for a while now, and even Google has brought forward their ‘Learn with Google AI’ program for learners who wish to enter the Artificial Intelligence industry.

Other industry leaders such as Udacity, Coursera, and edX are offering both free and paid interactive courses for Artificial Intelligence, thus easing the learning process.

7. Recognition of Startups

Investors seem to love Artificial Intelligence startups and their chequebooks are the proof. Funding in the domain has skyrocketed through the roof in the past few years are things are only starting. Multiple Artificial Intelligence firms all around the globe have risen millions of dollars in funding last year and the figures will only increase.


Amazon has also announced a USD 100 million fund for investments in voice-controlled technologies. IBM has also invested in such ventures and is planning to invest more. With industry leaders dealing deals in such ventures, the funding is surely fueling innovative technologies.

8. Diverse Programming Use

Artificial Intelligence researchers have invested and developed expert programming languages for the industry. With numerous languages available to use, programmers can use the language they are comfortable with, to observe better results.

Some of the languages that are available to use in Artificial Intelligence are Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), IPL, LISP, Smalltalk, STRIPS, Planner, Haskell, Perl and Julia. Widely accepted languages such as C++, MATLAB and Python are also widely used for Artificial Intelligence.

9. Diverse Career Choices

As the industry grows at an amplified pace, the number of individuals in this field is far less than the number of opportunities. In the coming future, freelance opportunities will overshadow full-time jobs as the industry is filled with small and medium-scale projects which do not require a full-time workforce.

Freelance opportunities provide a diverse exposure along with increased sources of income. As the industry is primarily IT based, the work can be done anytime and remotely.

10. Fast Pace World

The simple truth about learning Artificial Intelligence is to keep pace with the world. If you have a knack for programming and wish to stay updated and have an insight about one of the most sought-after industries, it is beneficial to start learning Artificial Intelligence.




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