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Google, Amazon, Disney stories resonate in



Ahead of his appearance at TEDxOkumagbaave in Warri, Delta State this Saturday, Joel Amawhe a 23 year old Software Developer & Entrepreneur from Ozoro, Nigeria, has given us a tip of the ice-berg on how the journey started for the revolutionary platform-

He founded in 2016 to make school stress-free starting with connecting students & youth corps members with vetted, short and long term housing in Nigeria.

Today, with 4,000+ in 62 tertiary institutions across the country, the platform prides itself as a leader in the market it has created since inception as

Joel Amawhe will be speaking at #TEDxOkumagbaAve the First TEDx event in Delta State with the aim of inspiring startups to set new and entirely different route to the future they desire.

Before, we continue it is imperative link-up the Convener of #StartupSouth, Uche Aniche with this story. That was the platform that Joel rode on his journey of stardom.

Riding on the back of his victory at #StartupSouth2, he has participated in many startup events organised by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), TechPointInspire, Gitex, amongst others.

Just like the story of the six world-famous ones–worth more than $25 billion each–started in garages, every new company has to begin somewhere.

Where was ‘pre-incubated’? What makes its story similar to the ‘famous six’?

Joel posted this on his Facebook wall and we think it’s worth sharing:

“This was my office + home.  

“The same place was born. The hundreds of students and landlords we served then didn’t know that Arinze, Oke, Daniel (Same person = me) helped them get housing and tenants as the case may be from here.

Ventures Platform never knew (unless maybe now), that they funded a startup using a place like this as office.

“Why did I put this up? I needed to just remind you and me that we already have what we need to leave the world better than we met it.

Over the years, even as I grow up in this place with my single mother, a couple of things got me going:

“1. Life wasn’t designed to be fair to you, it will never be 100% fair, it owes you nothing; rather you owe the world the duty to make it better and fair.
The folks that know this are the guys making life better for us all with the Internet, improved health techniques, et al.

“2. There’s power in being hungry if properly transformed into positive anger to build life.

“3. All you really need is as basic as a spoon and a bowl (things you already have)

“Now, enough of me and the lessons, stop reading this and start building.

Torrents of comments greeted the post:

All said, Joel is heading to TEDxOkumagbaave with tangible story that should inspire other startups.

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