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How about clocking-in at work with a selfie? Watch out for iClocker



Seamfix Nigeria Limited, a wholly indigenous innovative technology solution company that plays a key part in helping to meet the global growing demand for identity management, process automation and service support solutions across all sectors, is at it again.

The Inventors of Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) and identity management platforms including BioRegistra, GeoTracker,, are ready to unleash yet another industry disruptive time and attendance management solution dubbed iClocker.

How relevant is iClocker?

A study by law firm called Peninsula, shows that two-thirds of employers do not record staff lateness, costing them hundreds of hours in lost productivity.

The poll also found that 71% of employers had no plans to introduce disciplinary and monitoring measures to tackle the issue, even though out of the 913 employers polled 87% found employee lateness to be a matter of great irritation.

Of the 1,751 employees surveyed, 17% said they were late seven times a month.

To this end, the Managing Director of Peninsula, Peter Done, said employers needed to be aware that they could be losing hundreds of hours of potential work from their employees by disregarding their lateness.

Well, iClocker is more than just another time and attendance software. It combines fun, ease, well-being and affordability without compromising on productivity and relevance to ensure that you and your employees make the most out of clocking in and out.

Features of iClocker:

Selfie Recognition: Employees sign into your office building using face recognition by snapping selfies of themselves smiling.

Mobile: iClocker app works on smartphone devices, with the front and rear cameras as capture components.


Geolocation: The iClocker app collects coordinates of the location of employees during clock in.

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Reports: iClocker provides you with actionable reports regarding the time of clock-in and location of employees at any point in time.

Tweeting about the product which nears launch, Seamfix says “We’re going live soon on our face-verification time & attendance solution. How cool would it be clock-in at work with a selfie?#iClocker @seamfixltd #SelfieClockIn #MagicSmile #MoreProductivity #InstantReports #GeoFencing #iClocker #MobileApp”

Seamfix has a decade history in creating platforms that breed connections for clients to procreate value in their businesses daily.

Its products are driven to empower client to get maximum value, deliver value to their own clients and stay ahead as well as be pacesetters to other competitions.

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