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New chapter for energy startup Greenage Technologies that started with ₦45,000



Most Nigerians recognise the obvious need for ‘disruption’ in the energy sector- generation, storage, transmission and distribution. Yes, the energy sector requires auspicious disruption.

So, the quest for solutions to that will immediately relief homes of perennial electricity shortage and outages brought together five strong-young students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Barely few months ago, the students formed a Startup to pave way for an era of sustainable and renewable energy and storage, with a mission to target the parts of the country lacking access to it the most; today, Greenage Technologies has moved from experiment to world class energy startup.

Recall, the team emerged finalists at the recent StartupSouth3, participating at the bootcamp and learning how to accelerate their startup for growth.

With their mean faces and several stories of having attempted to float a problem solving company that failed, these young Nigerians have transformed into an energetic brand that has its fabrics across five States of Nigeria inclusive of Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Aba and Enugu state.

Starting and funding the idea

It all started with some boys who had big dreams of making solar energy available for people to use at home since it is already in existence in overseas, the Team Spokesperson- Uchechukwu Emmanuel told on the official commissioning of Greenage Technologies’s head office located at 10 Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State.  

Five of them: three in Electrical Engineering class, one Electrical Electronics and one Geography Students; found a need for this project. Four of were final year students and one penultimate when they started.

Initial funding was also an interesting part of this project.

Listen to Emmanuel “We started looking for knowledge, ideas and how to make it come by. Thanks to Industrial training and Engineer Precious Chijioke. He blessed us with knowledge during our industrial training”.

“We started with N45,000 and were adding N5,000 each until we got things set. As I said early, it was like seven months. And then one day at a trade fair, Gov. Ugwuanyi Ifeanyi of Enugu state bought our product alongside Mr. John Busco. That was our first return.

“We reinvested all.  And we kept saving and adding, hunger was on all our faces, but we kept smiling. One thing I must add, all our friends showed us love even when our first test system blew up. They still clapped for us”.

“The most amazing thing to me is that we have just traded for five months and we are already rewriting people’s notion about solar energy”.

“As I speak today, we can point fingers at works we have done, problems we have solved and the smiles we’ve placed on people’s faces.  It was just from experimenting on whether we can build an indigenous solar technology that we decided to replicate a world technology”.

“We not only built what we could see around, we created what we can boost of as the most suitable for our weather and climate.

“By the grace of God we now have a complex of ours; a good point to start trading our solar energy solution and making our fellow youths engaged with works.

Product description (brief)

Greenage Technologies can boast of systems that are hybrid- uses both solar and disco grid- with in-built automatic transfer switch; has load detection sensor and LCD for the user.

It has a short-circuit detection mechanism inside for ‘stubborn’ users like Nigerians with automatic shut down both in overload and short-circuit.

For battery life extension, it has four stage charge modes with trickle charge effect.

This product is one of the best power machines anybody in Nigeria can use because the Startup understands the Nigerian user more than any foreign company.

“With respect to the limitations, we believe that our designs are not as beautiful as we want it to be but we will soon get over that”, Emmanuel added.

“All thanks, today, to the Bishop Emeritus of Enugu dioceses; Most Rev Dr. Anthony Gbuji who blessed the office and our works and now we are asset for business in the new office”.

“Mr. Peter Oluka,   Ifeoma Ajumobi and Uche Anichie amongst others have been Phenomenal in watching our steps. We want to also thank you in a phenomenal way”, he said as the ribbon was cut amidst cheers from customers, friends and well-wishers who gathered at the official commissioning of the new head office- 10 Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State.

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