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ICANN launches Five-Year Africa strategy report at AIS 2018




The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, officially launched its Five-Year Africa Strategy Implementation Report during ICANN Day on Sunday, the 6th May 2018.

ICANN sponsored and participating in the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) 2018 held in Dakar, Senegal.

AIS is a regional Information and Communications Technology (ICT) conference, that annually brings together key players in the Internet industry and the global Internet community.

The summit, organized by African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) and the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG), has been one of the major vehicles for ICANN’s Africa Strategy. The strategy aims to strengthen the Domain Name System and encourage regional participation in the Internet ecosystem.

In an email to, the ICANN Global Communications Coordinator, EMEA, Buket Coskuner, and the Communications Director, EMEA, Luna Madi, confirmed that the report provides a summary of ICANN’s five-year long journey in Africa, discussing expectations, challenges, achievements, and recommendations.

Created by the African community, the Africa strategy was ICANN’s first regional strategy to be developed as a tool for engaging with the continent. It called for better participation of Africa in policy development at ICANN, and an effective presence of ICANN in Africa.

The implementation of several flagship programs and projects such as the Africa DNS Forum and the GAC capacity building workshops are among the strategy’s achievements over the past five years.

Access the report here.

Furthermore, with the objective of strengthening outreach efforts in the region, ICANN hosted workshops at the Africa Internet Summit 2018 which offered ICANN staff and participants, additional insights into specific operational needs and challenges facing our contracted parties in Africa.