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Mba-Uzoukwu identifies ‘Rainforest Innovation’ model as fit for Nigeria



Today’s (series three) post on the recent tweetchat by the Office for ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship (OIIE), a subsidiary of NITDA, nurturing, cultivating & expanding ICT innovation & entrepreneurship in Nigeria (@ngrinnovation), the tweetguest- Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu- identifies Rainforest Innovation Ecosystem as the theoretical constructs can be applied to support innovation.

In the first post, he focused on Professional Associations’ contributions to the growth of ICT industry in Nigeria through advocacy.

Last week’s discussion centred on three key factors as sine qua none for Nigeria to move away from the current state of ICT consumerism.

Enjoy this week’s post too. Excerpt:

When asked how innovations can be supported in Nigeria he replies:

“There are quite a number but my preferred is the Rainforest Innovation Ecosystem design pioneered by T2V in Silicon Valley.

“It builds on the work of W. Deming, Saxenian and others to posit that innovation ecosystems can be designed and nurtured but must incorporate certain elements, the most important of which is serendipity.

“Using the rainforest as a metaphor, it posits that innovation is mostly random, and is unlikely to emerge from a rigid system of cultivation like a plantation or vine yard where what is desired are consistent produce Imagine controlling the ecosystem so it produces the same type and size of grape or yam…?

“Innovation is more like the way a rainforest is: you never know what is growing in the grass and earth below but you are such it will be diverse and the sturdiest will survive and grow.

A lot of ICT organizations, movement and initiative existing and are constantly splurging up, these organization host conferences, workshops. How does that affect the role of PA’s?


“That is great! The more, the merrier! As I said, the ecosystem must be open, flexible and supportive of diversity. In that context, the Pas and other stakeholders are constantly pushed to refresh their value propositions in order to be relevant and impactful.

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“It is important to understand the philosophy is not to build gated communities – the certification is only intended to protect the consumer in an industry that literally everyone can enter and practice. Project failure is related to unprofessional practice by ‘ducks’ and ‘eagles’

Finally, what would you say are the standard for NITDA to work with PA’s?

“I think this is already happening on the basis of mutual respect and understanding of complementary roles we play as stakeholders. Maturity, open, regular communication, negotiation, alignment of goals, are the drivers of the successful relationship we currently enjoy. Open doors!

“From the Ministry of Communications to NITDA and its subsidiaries, we enjoy open doors and are able to completely align even on tough issues. We understand that this is journey that we are privileged to lead at this moment. We desire to build a strong, vibrant ecosystem: join us!

“We understand that this is journey that we are privileged to lead at this moment. We desire to build a strong, vibrant ecosystem: join us!

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