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Digital Transformation in Education in Nigeria: Who cares?



Transforming the educational and training system in Nigeria is a huge task.

Digitally speaking, the system needs solutions and platforms alike that will entrench quality; open the doors of opportunity, enable a true culture of learning and teaching to take root, while enabling both the teachers and the students strive for ever higher levels of performance.

No amount in human development was too much as the dividend at the end would be immeasurable.

Often times, we are tempted to pass the whole buck to the governments. Truly, they (government at all levels) should take pragmatic steps to quickly rescue the education sector from total collapse. That is valid too because a massive investment in infrastructures is crucial to restoring the glory of the days of yore in the sector.

That said, but who cares to ask how the educational institutions- schools- themselves can act differently.

The system needs to understand and focus on what the job marketplace truly needs; starting from the primary and secondary school levels.

There is need to dedicate most of the schooling time to specializing in core skills that are highly marketable right from the foundational schools.

This will go along way to positioning the minds of the students going to the university.

Don’t get it twisted; university education and certifications are good, but what if we segment and make it more flexible for people to obtain ‘practical-oriented certificates?

Thus, it is heartwarming that technology companies are looking in this direction; they want to assist in a manner that the very nature of the educational systems are rightly conceptualised, resourced and delivered.


This brings to the fore what how technology can help both primary and secondary schools across the country embrace data-led decision making process, improve teacher competencies and give students access to a rich learning environment in a cost-saving manner.

This is why the Digital Transformation in Education by Microsoft and her partner Sidmach TechnologiesNigeria Limited, is a huge plus for the industry. We encourage every industry stakeholder to buy into it.

The duo will be hosting an exclusive education leaders event in Lagos, Nigeria to address the Digital Transformation in Education.

What to expect from the event

The event is a solid platform to learn about Imagine Academy– which provides up-to-date curricula and resources to train and certify students and educators on Microsoft products and technologies. Students gain valuable skills for college and career that will help them succeed in an increasingly digital global economy.

E-Curriculum solution: A web-based, effective curriculum management solution designed to provide digital access to school curriculum, teaching and learning resources for teachers, learners, and other stakeholders.  The e-curriculum offers online and offline access to the prescribed national curricula in all subjects offered at the basic and senior secondary education levels in Nigeria.

Sidmach will also be introducing its latest tool- SmartSchool;  its helps in managing various aspects of school operations.

In all, Microsoft and its partners’ latest technologies and education tools are creating Prepared Students; enabling students have the hands-on experience and ability to develop the critical-thinking and computational skills for life and a career in the digital world.

The event holds on Friday 29th June 2018, at Radisson Blu, 38/40 Isaac John St., Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

Click here to register.

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