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MainOne was founded to enable connectivity in bringing West Africa Online- Opeke



MainOne CEO, Funke Opeke honored with Data Centre Dynamics “Business Leader of the Year” award
The Chief Executive Officer of MainOne, Funke Opeke, has reiterated the major reasons for establishing Data Centre which has become a leader in West Africa.

Sharing her thoughts on the company’s founding mission to bring Internet access to Nigeria, and the rest of West Africa, Opeke also told Data Centre Dynamics the successes MainOne has made and the battles it still has to wage to ensure digital inclusion to the region.

According to her: “We set out to bridge the digital divide by addressing what was perceived to be the most critical infrastructure bottleneck at that time, which was a submarine cable.”

The realization soon dawned that improving connectivity in West Africa would take more than laying fiber across the bottom of the ocean; there were other critical infrastructure elements missing in the region, such as terrestrial distribution networks and data centers, to bring data or content closer to the end-users, and to ensure better performance and an enjoyable experience online.

About seven years later and after millions of dollars’ investments in extensive terrestrial networks, interconnection points, landing stations, and its flagship data center, MDXi, located in Lagos, MainOne has evolved into the region’s leading provider of colocation, cloud and managed hosting to business customers across West Africa. However, the company still faces “all manners of challenges in the planning, deployment and operation of its infrastructure”.

Ms. Opeke also speaks on the impact MainOne is focused on making in the region “The company wasn’t founded “just to make a quick buck,” she said. “If it just were about making money, we would set up a franchise and sell some fast-moving consumer goods, and we could make money that way. But this is about impact and development and technology, and access to the Internet is a critical element in terms of bridging the digital divide. So that’s really what we set out to do, to impact lives”.

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