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#StartupSouth4: Why does this matter?



It’s a very busy season, especially for the organisers of one the most impactful Startup event in the South-South/South East region, Nigeria. Dubbed #StartupSouth, the Convener, Uche Aniche explains again, what this is about- Excerpt.

Date: Friday, November 2, 2018

       Venue: Owerri, capital of Imo State.

            Registration/participation, click here

Uche Aniche: “The goal of #StartupSouth Conference is to expose people, especially young people, to what is possible, challenge/inspire them to become better at building high-growth businesses.

The goal of #StartupSouth itself is to connect, educate and attract investment to startups and founders in the South-South and South-East.

What is High-Growth business and why does it matter? High-Growth business is one capable of attaining a very high valuation and employing lots of people in its life time.

Why does this matter?

  1. Reduce Unemployment:

Unemployment rate in the South-South and South-East is about the highest in the nation with Rivers State currently at almost 57%. These businesses, if they thrive, would help reduce this.

  1. Reduce Crime:

Although crime rate in the regions aren’t the highest nationally (region-wise) but for some unknown reasons, they get more reported and make the region look unsafe for business. These businesses by employing people will reduce the pool available for criminal activities – including recruitment by politicians.

  1. Create Opportunities:

One of the major challenges facing the region is lack of opportunities. This is why most graduates from the higher institutions in the region, relocate to Lagos for a chance at being gainfully employed and success in life.

The effect of this trend is that the best people that can help develop the regions, migrate a way. Not only do they struggle to restart their lives, when they eventually succeed, contribute to developing their new host city to disadvantage of where they grew up.

  1. Attract Talents:

Any city or nation that loses more talents than they can attract remains under-developed”.

From Uche Aniche’s explanations, the other goals of #StartupSouth4 is to connect startup founders across the regions to themselves and then investors.


“We hope that people in Benin will discover people in Owerri or people in Port Harcourt will discover people in Enugu they can connect with and possibly partner.

“This is because we believe that internal integration should precede continental integration”.

Did you know?

The South-South and South-East combined is a whooping 60Million people and presents a large market to validate and scale any business idea.

Well, fortunately, #StartupSouth is seeing the opportunities that exist in this immediate market – hence the Conference which will clear the grounds for businesses to explore these opportunities.

#StartupSouth4 will hopefully be the biggest Startup/Entrepreneurship event in the region “and I’m happy you are on-board. Let’s make this work!”

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