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VaultBridge to lead awareness on Blockchain technology adoption, cybersecurity



VaultBridge Global
VaultBridge Global Limited, a software security company with focus on Cyber Security, FinTech and Blockchain Technology, has identified ways Nigeria can leverage Blockchain to even export technology to other countries.

In this regard, the Company mapped out series of activities geared towards creating awareness on blockchan technology adoption in Nigeria, and Africa in general one of which is the forthcoming conference in Lagos.

The Executive Director, VaultBridge Global, Mr. Harrison Ozinegbe, disclosed this during a press conference to announce the programme in collaboration foreign partners- KIPYA Connect and Bit2Big.

“No one could have imagined the exponential growth of the Internet at such a short span of its introduction on commerce, industry and government and even the ordinary citizen in a remote village.

“Applications we never thought possible are daily added and uploaded on the internet, easing and facilitating the way we live and do business.  Yet at the advent of internet in the 90s in Nigeria, we were all very cautious, even up to the year 2000 with the acronym of Y2K when we heard of millennium bug supposedly to crash computer and every associated data.

VaultBridge Global

VaultBridge Global – (L-r): Executive Director, Harrison Oziengbe; Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kiberu; Client Relations Manager, Precious Matthew and Chief Operating Officer, Jude Oziengbe, during a press conference held in Lagos…recently. PHOTO:

“We are yet again at the emergence of another great technology, The Blockchain, that has come to distrupt and further revolutionize commerce, industry, government and even our everyday life,” Ozinegbe said.

He said that VaultBridge Global is out to help sensitize, educate and train members of the general public by way of seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions to further galvanize people into exploring and exploiting the inherent benefits of this new Technology.

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“In this regard, we shall be conducting regular training classes for the Certified Blockchain Professionals (CBP) to bring practitioners up to speed with the Institute of iBusiness (IIB Council) requirements.

“We hope to play very active advocacy role to engage with relevant stakeholders and authorities to develop core solution architecture in the real sectors as Power, Health, Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, etc., and to carry out indepth research and analysis in order to create a better understanding of the Blockchain Technology to enhance and benefit all sectors of the economy.

“There are high incidences of illegal hackers, internet scammers and cybercrimes across the world and Nigeria is no exception.

“These crimes are often associated with cyberspace technolgy which Blockchain Technology also falls. This necessitates our resolve in VaultBridge to partner with KIPYA Connect and Bit2Big  to constantly organize Cyber Security Executive Master Classes in Ethical Hackers and other related EC-Council certified examinations to keep operators abreast of latest technology in combating cybercrimes.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer, VaultBridge Global, Mr. Michael Kiberu, said that the government also stants to gain a lot from adopting the new frontiers in technology development like The Blockchain and Cryptocurreny.

According to him, country like Switzerland leverages the technology to redefine its financial system, while Kenya (Africa) has utilised it to organise elections.

“The value one attaches to technology is dependent on level of awareness. With more campaigns and awareness, more Nigerians will adopt Blockchain technology.

“Even Mark Zuckerberg had to come to Nigeria to get first-hand information about how the users feel about the products and possibly let developers tweak it to suite this environment.

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“If countries like Switzerland, Uganda and Kenya are leveraging Blockchain, Nigeria can”, Mr. Kiberu said.

VaultBridge Global

VaultBridge Global – (L-r): Executive Director, Harrison Oziengbe; Client Relations Assistant, Mabel Kadiri; Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kiberu; Client Relations Manager, Precious Matthew; Chief Operating Officer, Jude Oziengbe, all of VaultBridge Global and Felix Nwonu, during a press conference held in Lagos…recently. PHOTO:

Meanwhile, the maiden conference is scheduled for Saturday 10th November, 2018 and to hold at the Nigerian Institute of International Affrairs (NIIA), 13/15 Kofo Abayomi Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

“Experts in Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology will be hand to present papers.

“We are not charging any entrance fees, in fact, attendees should expect some give-aways from some of our sponsors apart from the rich expose of this workshop,” explained by the Chief Operating Officer, Jude Oziengbe.

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