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CPMALL, here to create value in the Nigerian online marketplace- Dubem Pat



  … I must tell you that the online marketplace is too big for one brand to dominate, we are coming to tap from this big marketplace”

Dubem Pat, is a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering turned Digital Marketer.

Dubem who graduated in 2014 from the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, has a knack for internet business.

In a chat with he briefly narrated how the journey started for him and the team; the plarform was launched in April 1, 2018.

Nursing the idea

The idea came to me while still in school. In fact, it was borne out of my love for internet; I am always looking for opportunities on how to make money online legitimately. Close to my graduating year I bought an online course from someone on how to start mini importation business. After going through the course I started importing little products from China and that led me to venture in designing websites.

CPMALL founder, Dubem Pat

The Platform- CPMALL

The marketplace is not just for cars only; it’s for any product including freelancing services. People can sell their products without spending money on delivery men; it will help people to sell within their localities and also help build relationships with their customers.

CPMALL is a buying and selling marketplace in Nigeria, it’s an ads listing marketplace where individuals or corporate organizations display their goods and services for free.

How much did you raise to startup off? How much do you need to scale?

Since most of the things I needed was online, the projection should be around N20,000 – N50,000. In scaling, I think 250,000 – 400,000 should be viable for social media adverts & Google jingles, printing of fliers and involving marketers.

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Is CPMALL ready to play in the same field with

Yes, is the number one in this market in Nigeria, but I must tell you that the online marketplace is too big for one brand to dominate, we are coming to tap from this big marketplace.

Dubem has a plan

Like I told you earlier, the market is too big. However, if JIJI is focusing more on car related ads, we will defer over services at CPMALL to include listing more of service Ads.

Reason is, a lot of people rendering one services or the other don’t have money to launch a website of their own but with CPMALL they get more patronage.

Strategies to launch fully into the market

We will adopt, majorly advertorials and engagement marketing. That is one-on-one marketing model.

Will CPMALL focus just on South East, Nigeria?

We are in a global village and CPMALL is not limited to only South East region, it covers all the 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), we will capture other regions through advertising and marketing.

Learning from the likes of the bitter experiences of Olx and Efritin

Sustainability can often times affect a business plan to extinction. Most importantly, dedication and a good due diligence on products we sell can help give customers that assurance on trust.

How do you intend building a team to lead this platform?

So far I have a few friends working with me – we intend to recruit Marketers, ITs and Customer representative. But this will only happen as we grow.



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      You are welcome, Dubem. Keep pushing!

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