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LG: Promoting smarter technology, consumer lifestyle



Technology is simplifying our lives and making everything easier day by day. The last decade has been a game changer – that today, there is no single facet of our lives that technology has not transformed.

It has redefined the way we learn and communicate and created a paradigm shift in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Tech innovation has significantly changed our lives for better and has revolutionized both our offices and homes.

Smart homes were something we enjoyed and marvelled at only in science fiction movies and TV shows.

But, just a few years have changed all that and the things that were being imagined have come into reality.

With affordable products, ubiquitous connectivity, convenience and other benefits are becoming commonplace, and the ability to control a host of items at your home remotely makes every moment spent at home worthwhile.

Now that working hours are on the rise for many women, leaving less time to take care of household chores, data has found that productivity in the household has increased exponentially in recent years.

Allowing many families to actually see decreases in time spent doing housework. The biggest factor behind this growth in home productivity is technology.

Understanding the consumer needs has kept global electronics giant, LG at the forefront of innovation to create products that make consumers smarter – saving time, space and energy.

According to the Managing Director, LG Electronics, West Africa Operation, Mr Taeick Son, LG over the last decade has introduced some of the best smart home appliances to promote the smarter lifestyle of its customers across the world.

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“Advances in home appliances have streamlined everything from cooking and cleaning to clothing care and home security. But as devices get smarter and functionality begins to blur, consumers are also finding smart new solutions in unconventional categories.


“For example, robot vacuums offer more than just the enhanced control options of a smart oven or washing machine –they reinvent how cleaning takes place in the home. Other breakthroughs make it possible to accomplish new tasks in the home”, he said.

LG TV Google Assistant launch.

Some of the recent innovative products launched by LG is Styler, a unique clothing care solution that personifies the company’s commitment to delivering convenience through innovation.

While past models have proven their value in countless homes, LG has continued to improve its design to better meet consumers’ needs.

LG Styler ThinQ

The recently released LG Styler ThinQ offers new smart capabilities such as voice control and ThinQ capabilities to boost performance while still offering the same unrivalled steam cleaning as previous models. Seamlessly combining smart functionality with time-saving practicality, the LG Styler ThinQ makes life smarter for the entire family while helping everyone look their best.

LG Styler Mirrored Glass Door


In the past, TVs earned a variety of unflattering nicknames for its supposed tendency to turn viewers into zombies. But today’s smart TVs have little in common with the “idiot boxes” of old.

By making it easier for users to manage their home smart networks while also providing streamlined access to curated content recommendations. TVs of the future will create a generation of savvier, smarter viewers.

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Today, the award-winning LG ThinQAI OLED TV exemplifies the traits that forward-thinking consumers are looking for in their TVs.

Powered by an advanced (Alpha) 9 processor, the TV is able to render images in impressive detail while also providing access to the full potential of a connected smart device.

Intuitive controls and stylish interfaces make it easy to find the right content from a variety of streaming platforms.

The TV also employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver intelligent voice-activated control and connectivity based on LG’s own deep learning technology, DeepThinQ.


These innovative products are indications that LG is planning for the future with its consumers in mind.

You can visit any LG store around you today to start building your own smart home.

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