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Nigeria Computer Society @40: “We’ve laid solid foundation for ICT awareness”



Nigeria Computer Society is forty years old! The Body was formed in 1978 based on the vision and aspirations of the initial members and was initially called Computer Association of Nigeria (CAN).

The name was soon changed to COAN. COAN was established as the umbrella body of all IT professionals in Nigeria.

It was later changed to Nigeria Computer Society with the ammonisation of 2005 involving ISPON, COAN, ITAN and ISPAN.

It has been growing and waxing stronger day by day and year by year with a lot of landmark and memorable achievements.

“Since it was launched in 1978, NCS has laid a very solid foundation for the country to have the level of ICT awareness, use, applications and achievements we are witnessing today in all sectors of Nigerian economy and society,” said the incumbent President, Professor Adesola Aderounmu; a professor of computer science, during a press conference on Friday to announce activities for the 40 years anniversary which coincides with the Nigerian Information Technology Merit Awards (NITMA) 2018.


Nigeria Computer Society: Chairman, Events, Trades and Publicity, Femi Williams; Executive Secretary, Iyiola Ayoola and the President, Professor Adesola Aderounmu

Federal Government IT and ICT Enabling Laws:

He said that several policies and laws (ACTs) provided by the Federal Government for the development and growth of ICT in Nigeria were made possible by the undaunted advocacy effort of Nigeria Computer Society.

“These include: Computer Professional Registration Council  (CPN) Act 49 of 1993; the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) is the apex regulatory body for IT practice in Nigeria.

“It was established by Act 49 of 1993, promulgated on June 10 and gazetted on August 9, of that year to regulate, supervise and control the practice of the profession. This is a landmark achievement of founders of Nigeria Computer Society and the National Information Technology Policy 2002.

“Others are Tele-Communications Act  2003; National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)  Act 2007; Nigeria Computer Society played a crucial role in the formation of NITDU (National IT Development Unit), the fore-runner of NITDA and National Software Policy 2011”.

Prof. Aderounmu also mentioned the National Information and Communications Policy 2012 (Harmonized); the Ministry of Communication Technology Ministry created by the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2011 as part of gains NCS advocacies.

“NIRA. NCS’s proposal that a neutral private sector-led organization be set up to take control of the administration of .ng was adopted. The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) with Board of Trustees as well as Executive members elected from different stakeholder organisations was then established to administer .ng to the satisfaction of all interested parties”.


He said that over the past 40 years, NCS has been the primary agent behind the amazing and rapid increase in IT deployment in Nigeria.

“With regard to achieving sustainable development through IT, NCS has been the advocacy  champion behind local content development, Cashless and Fintech, IT in Government, IT for National Security, use of IT for productivity in all spheres of life, IT Education and so many other critical that are changing Nigerian society dramatically.

[email protected] celebration will come up during this year’s NITMA night

The following will be recognized for the various roles in upholding the flag of NCS at various times during the 40th years journey:

  1. Past Presidents of NCS and CPN
  2. Past Provosts of NCS
  • Past Registrar and Executive Secretary of CPN and NCS respectively
  1. The first registered member (MRN 00001) and the fortieth registered member (MRN 00040).
  2. Corporate organizations that have been supportive of the activities of NCS during the years in different categories.

2018 National Information Technology Merit Awards (NITMA)

“In line with the advocacy efforts of NCS to achieve sustainable development in Nigeria through Information Technology, NCS promotes excellence and significant impact. I urge you to join NCS to celebrate the champions who are using technology to change society for good”, he said.

Annually the Nigeria Computer Society recognizes, celebrates and rewards outstanding excellence and exceptional contributions in the Information Technology field through the unique national platform NITMA provides.

“Our focus as a society is progress for the sector in particular and for the nation as a whole. As the acknowledged professional authority facilitating the development of an inclusive, globally competitive, prosperous and knowledge-based Nigeria, NCS is committed to recognizing and rewarding outstanding hard work and excellence in accelerating IT development.

“In choosing the awards, the key areas and issues affecting growth in the sector and society are addressed. For all awards, key criteria include IT specialisations, NCS standards and global best practices”, Prof. Aderounmu said.


Nigeria Computer Society: Executive Secretary, Iyiola Ayoola; member of NEC, Dr. Bukola Onasoga; Chairman, Events, Trades and Publicity, Femi Williams; President, Professor Adesola Aderounmu; Chairman, Conferences Committee, Jide Awe and Vice Chairman, Lagos State Chapter, Kunle Oladipupo, during a press conference to announce activities for [email protected] and NITMA 2018 held at NCS secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja on Friday. Image:

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