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CLMI partners SSM, LGSB to offer scholarships for Logistics Management Studies



CLMI, SSM and LGSB in Logistics Management
Courier and Logistics Management Institute, CLMI (Nigeria) in collaboration with Swiss School of Management, SSM (Italy, Rome) and Limburg Graduate School of Business (LGSB), Netherlands, has unveiled scholarship programme for Nigerians willing to take up courses in Logistics, Courier and Transport Management.

CLMI is licenced by the Federal Government to pursue Courier, Logistics and Transport Management courses in collaboration with accredited Universities and other international partners.

Speaking at epoch-making event, the Chairman of Council, CLMI, Professor Simon Emeje, disclosed this at one-day ‘SSM Open Day’ held on Saturday, January 26, 2019, at Airport Hotel Lagos, stating that SSM has magnanimously granted about sixty per cent (60%) off the tuition fee normally paid in Switzerland will now be paid in Nigeria and Africans in general; as means to boost the continent’s Sustainable Economic Development (SED).

L-r: Chairman of Council, CLMI, Prof. Simon Emeje; Member of the CLMI Council, Mrs. Chizomam Emeje; Marketing Director, LGSB, Yoram Roemersma; Founder and Country Manager, Moov Nigeria (, Larry Chinekezi and other council members of CLMI

“We have taken up the challenge. Our job is to bring this vision to bear on Nigeria and the whole world. We are on a path of rejigging the professionalism in courier, logistics and transport management starting with Nigeria. We are adding value because the electives to be offered cover local content. This is a means to boost the technical competencies of Nigerians to tackle our challenges.

Emeje, professor of logistics, also said “A pioneering work is not an easy path; at times you feel lonely or not seen, but we are happy to have people who believe in the direction of this project”.

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He said that CLMI was borne out of the need to address four cardinal areas: Courier, Logistics, Management and Transport which govern every aspect of human life.

“Courier has to do with time element in all human activities. It is beyond moving parcel from one place to another. Every human has time attached to his/her daily procedures which he/she consciously or unconsciously alluding to.

CLMI, SSM and LGSB in Logistics Management

Yoram; CLMI member and Prof. Emeje

“Logistics portends the activities of products and services from sourcing of materials to productions and distribution. Management entails control, directing and making adequate decisions that will harness resources for favourable results.

“Courier is time sensitive which is applicable in every aspect of our endeavours either virtual or physical. Logistics will tell you how to process goods, store and distribute them to the lastmile (end user).” In Transport, after you have put all these together, you need to move them- the network of distribution of the product from one place to another. These are strategic areas of every human life.”

“We are happy to partner with SSM and LGSB to bring this all important change to Nigeria”, he added. “CLMI and the partners will work with Nigerian Universities to offer BSc, MSc, PhD in Logistics Management. There is no institution across the globe today that offers this”.

“We have a target of training people and certifying them to create jobs and gain employment in the fields. This is a way to ensure the economy gets more professionals who are practically-trained to rethink the process of Courier, Logistics and Transport. This is a virgin career that our people should explore.

CLMI, SSM and LGSB in Logistics Management

Intern at LGSB, Melime Imullendrs; Head, External Affairs, SSM, Professor Roberts Goedegebuure; Chairman of Council, CLMI, Prof. Simon Emeje; Marketing Director, LGSB, Yoram Roemersma and the Founder/Country Manager, Moov Nigeria (, Larry Chinekezi

In his presentation, Professor Roberts Goedegebuure, from SSM, described logistics and supply chain management as the management of upstream and downstream relationships with suppliers and customers in offer to deliver superior customer value at less cost t the supply chain as whole. Logistics is essential to every organisation.

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He listed trends and developments in the field as include: competitions, and competitive advantages; capabilities and competencies; globalisation; innovation and robotization; 3D printing, e-Commerce and environmental concerns.

CLMI, SSM and LGSB in Logistics Management

CLMI, SSM and LGSB partnership in Nigeria to offer Logistics Management Courses.

“The goal of this partnership is to contribute to the economy and ensure a paradigm shift in the manner logistics is carried out in the country and the Continent in general”.

“SSM has apportioned 60% scholarships (60% Roundtable Africa) to fees payable by students as our contribution to Sustainable Economic Development on the Continent”, Prof. Goedegebuure explained.

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