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How Networks Unlimited Africa, Cofense™ offer no-cost simulation solution against phishing 



Cofense™, a leading provider of human-focused phishing defence solutions which enable people to identify, report, and mitigate such threats as spear phishing and malware, is keenly aware that small businesses are significant targets for cyber attackers.

This is against a background in which small businesses already face significant challenges in sustaining and growing their existence.

Therefore, in support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the critical role they play in economies around the globe, the company (which was formerly known as PhishMe) offers Cofense PhishMe Free™, a no-cost, easy-to-use version of its anti-phishing simulation solution.

The Managing Director at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa, Anton Jacobsz, which distributes Cofense™ solutions throughout Africa, says, “Some researchers have indicated that in South Africa, SMEs provide employment to about 60 percent of the labour force, with their total economic output accounting for roughly a third of our GDP. However, SMEs in South Africa face a number of challenges, including access to appropriate technology and regulatory compliance.

This offering from Cofense™, which any SMME in South Africa can use to combat cybercrime, therefore shows a tremendously encouraging support of SMEs.”

Cofense™ notes that every company, regardless of size or resources, should have access to effective cybersecurity solutions.

The company says it is addressing an urgent need, as 55 percent of small and medium businesses worldwide have experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months, further noting that 90 percent of all data breaches began as phishing.

Cofense PhishMe Free™ is based on the company’s flagship product, Cofense PhishMe™, which delivers simulated e-mail campaigns that mimic real-life phishing scenarios and provide instant learning to employees who take the bait.

“Every company – regardless of size or resources – should have access to effective cybersecurity solutions,” said Rohyt Belani, co-founder and CEO of Cofense. “Sixty one percent of cyberattacks target small and medium businesses and the ensuing damages cost, on average, US$800,000 [Ref: HERE].

“To help such organisations shore up their defences we created PhishMe Free. This solution is tailored specifically for companies with 500 employees or less.

“The goal is to help SMBs build a conditioned firewall of human sensors to act as a first line of defence against attacks that bypass traditional email filtering technologies.”

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