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New innovations are being developed at lightning speeds to drive faster growth and efficiency for businesses and society but there is a dearth of digital skills.

With a recent LinkedIn report finding that four of 2018’s top five emerging jobs were in the developing and machine learning space, technical skills such as cryptocurrency, Software as a Service and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming priceless on a CV.

Yet many people – young and old – don’t possess digital literacy skills, making it difficult to fill the roles and to train current employees.

Bringing it home, the digital literacy gap, inaccessibility to in-demand skills, difference in what’s been taught in school and what’s needed to get jobs, among other many factors contributed to the current number of unemployed people (at 22 million) in Nigeria today.

To this end, Hamdalah Hanafi alongside her co-founder Mustopha Tiamiyu have expressed commitment to training 1000 people in the next one year and 10,000 people in six years through their newest baby;

What does in essence is to connect people interested in learning in-demand valuable skills to mentors – people who has a business or teach the skill – in their locality so they can have a physical learning experience.

In a blog post, Hamdalah writes, “Thus, We are currently on a mission to salvage Unemployment problems by making in-demand skills accessible, Entrepreneurship blossom and make learners, leaders. We want to make it possible for young people to learn valuable skills for today’s world anywhere they are in person as the mentors will be in their locality”.

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“At the end of the program, they learn business development and leadership skills through our mobile app to help start a successful business in the skill learned. We are going to produce hundreds of hours of very high quality video content over the coming months and years to achieve this.

“We are committed to training 1000 people in the next 1 year and 10,000 people in 6 years”.

For now they are looking into partnering with mentors with passion, commitment, discipline, focus and strong technical ability in different locations in the country.

These mentors should be able to teach any of the technical/occupational skills listed on conveniently and professionally.

In a chat with, Hamdalah who is the Chief Executive Officer of said, “Research shows that people tend to enjoy and understand more when they are being taught physically.

“So after their program, we teach leadership and business development skills through videos via our mobile app. We prepare them for two things; either to get employment as a highly skilled person or start a business with the skills learnt. We also hope to make seed funding available to them at the end of the program if they want to start a business”.

Asked about payment for the services, she said, “Yes, they have to pay; although, we try to make the payment flexible and more affordable”.

“Over the last few months, I’ve been training youths most especially, in digital skills and I can categorically place the main source of one of the country’s most dreaded menace; unemployment”.

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How to apply or get selected

“Since we are out for only ambitious people, even though they will pay, they first apply and then we select the best possible applicants. In future, we are also planning to use AI to sort and select the best applicants to join our cohort. Application will be opened for our first cohort in the coming weeks”, she explained.

Duration of the training

Depending on the skill one wants to acquire or develop, trainings take 4-6 months to graduate.

The platform was developed by Hamdalah Hanafi: Co Founder & CEO (An Entrepreneur and a digital Media Consultant) and Mustopha Tiamiyu:  Co Founder & CTO  (A product designer and Front-end Developer).

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