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Nigeria to spearhead antimalaria war in Africa using Biotech – Minister



The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, said Nigeria will set the pace in eradicating the scourge of malaria in Africa.

Dr. Onu, disclosed this when the Committee on Malaria Eradication submitted its report in his office in Abuja on Tuesday.

Nigeria, he added, will do this by applying Bio-technology and nuclear technology, to eradicate the disease vector mosquito and the malaria parasite responsible for causing malaria.

Dr. Onu, said in order for Nigeria to be free from malaria, other African nations must be free from the disease. “Eradication of Malaria cannot be successful in Nigeria, because of other nations which share border with Nigeria. If we eradicate mosquitoes in Nigeria, they can easily find their way back from the border nations”, he added.

He said there should be an increase in the percentage of Anti-Malaria drugs produced in Nigeria, to lessen dependence on imported anti-malaria drugs. “ Malaria must be eradicated in a sustainable way”, he added.

In addition, Dr. Onu said the Ministry will do everything in its sphere of influence to assist the fight against malaria, especially by assisting in recruiting Innovative and Creative Nigerians to assist in the fight.

He bemoaned the fact that was the cause of many deaths in the country as well as reducing the productivity of its citizens.

Earlier, the Chairman of the committee Dr. Manasseh Gwaza said the committee recommends that Nigeria should lead Africa in deploying approved cutting edge technology to eradicate the malaria scourge.

He said that malaria parasite had become resistant to Chloroquine adding that Artemisinin-based combination therapy is now the most effective method in effectively fighting Malaria parasites.

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Dr Gwaza further said the use of bio-technology had been used in developing the active ingredients for anti-malaria drugs from plants and this innovation has been patented by Nigerian innovators.


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