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STEMCafé is launching in Lekki to spur STEM learning among kids



STEMCafé is launching officially presence and activities to the public at its location in Lekki area of Lagos State, can authoritatively report.

STEMCafé is unveiling a non-linear learning centre where kids and young adults through play will explore the amazing world of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – through fun interactive activities for them to experiment with amazing creations and ideas that develop lifelong learning and interest in STEM.

The Launch of the STEMCafe is the first step towards creating an interactive experience where kids channel their energy, excitement, curiosity, and creativity through play and by extension, expanding Nigeria’s capacity and diversity of the STEM workforce pipeline to prepare the younger generation for the best jobs of the future that will see Nigeria become innovative, secure and competitive.

On display at the launch, will be a wide array of engaging activities for kids to tinker with including Digital labs, Coding challenges, Robotics kits, Prototyping with 3D printers, Physical computing with Arduino, Computer games, Child-friendly sci-fi movies/animations, Short videos on emerging technologies and many more.



  1. Olabisi Famojuro

    30 April 2019 at 12:57 PM

    hi, please wen is this stem cafe launch? i am interested pls

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