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Nabasu woos stakeholders on Methanol fuel technology



The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Mr. Bitrus Bako Nabasu appealed to oil and gas stakeholders to partner with the Federal Government in implementing Methanol fuel technology in the country.

Nabasu made the call during a consultative meeting with oil and gas stakeholders to discuss with Methanol fuel technology transfer expert Mr. Gil Dakner held on Wednesday 15 May 2019 in Abuja.

The Permanent Secretary noted that, the Methanol fuel technology implementation programme would eliminate the problem of gas flaring and mitigate its impacts to the nation’s economy.

He  further stressed that, research had proven that Methanol can be used as an alternative fuel and the large component of Methane in natural gas can be used in various sectors of the economy such as transport, gas turbines, paint industries, construction and pharmaceuticals.

According to Bako, for any Nation to make meaningful progress and development, it must pay attention to Science, Engineering and Technology.

He thanked the Federal Ministry of Petroleum and, the NNPC and other Agencies of the Government for supporting the Methanol fuel technology value chain implementation programme in Nigeria.

Earlier, the CEO of the DOR Technologies Mr .Gil Dankner, extolled the benefits of Methanol adding that it is a clean and renewable source of energy.

Methanol is of immense potentials, as it is cost effective, involved almost all areas of human need and consumption.

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