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NCC gives reasons handset, hardware and software repairers should regularise operations



Handset repairer
  • Commission meets with AHHSRON in Ibadan

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has urged the Association of Handset, Hardware and Software Repairer of Nigeria (AHHSRON) to register with appropriate agencies of government in order to formalize its existence and be accorded a fitting status in the comity of telecom stakeholders.

This followed investigation by the Zonal office which revealed the existence of such group in the South West zone of the country.

The Zonal Office then invited the leadership of the Association to a formal meeting for discussions on the need to collaborate towards effective governance of the telecom sector.

The Controller of Ibadan Zonal Office of NCC, Yomi Arowosafe, told members of the Association that the discussion has become necessary in keeping with the spirit of the last item of the 8-Point Agenda of the Management of the Commission which focuses on ensuring “Regulatory Excellence and Operational Efficiency”. This requires the adoption of laid down regulatory framework, efficient processes, strict compliance monitoring and enforcement.

At the meeting held at NCC Zonal Office in Ibadan, Arowosafe told members of the Association the key functions, mandate and powers of the Commission and seized the opportunity to educate those present at the meeting on the imperative of regularizing their businesses and obtaining appropriate licences in that regard.

In his response, the Chairman of the Association, Edowaye Eboigbe stated that the Association has over 6,000 members in Oyo State and gave an outline of the challenges facing the Association which includes incessant arrest and molestation of their members by officers of the Nigeria Police Force in the State.

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Conclusively, Arowosafe reiterated the need for all members of the Association to regularize their operations, obtain requisite licences and carry out their business activities within the framework of the law to avoid arrest or molestation as stated.

Controller of Ibadan Zonal Office of NCC, Yomi Arowosafe, with members of AHHSRON

He advised the leadership of AHHSRON to ensure it familiarise itself with NCC’s Type Approval regulation and the draft regulation on e-Waste disposal for ICT devices.

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