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Over 200 delegates International Publishers Association in Nairobi to celebrate Africa



A stunning line-up of publishers, policy makers and industry partners from across the African continent and beyond will gather in Nairobi on 14 and 15 June.

Over two days over 200 delegates 40 countries are expected. They will hear how, in terms of publishing, Africa is rising and what can be done to accelerate the development of an essential sector for Africa’s education and culture.

The International Publishers Association (IPA), together with its member, The Kenya Publishers Association, has brought together inspirational speakers to share their experiences and layout a concrete roadmap for further success.

Highlights of the seminar will include keynote speeches from renowned Kenyan author, Professor Ngũg wa Thiong’o, and winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize, Peter Tabichi as well as the presentation of the Lagos Action Plan that followed the IPA’s inaugural Africa Seminar in Lagos in 2018.

A late addition to the line-up is Gill Moodie of South Africa’s NB Publishers, the Prix Voltaire shortlisted publisher that recently received the Association of American Publisher’s International Freedom to Publish Prize.

She will join a session on self-censorship alongside the President of Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission, and a Prix Voltaire recipient, Sihem Bensedrine.

Alongside discussions with groundbreaking African startups like Publisher, on the digital transformation, there will be sessions on promoting indigenous languages, creating the readers of the future and how to bring best international best practice to statistics gathering to inform policy making.

Key public policy issues such education and copyright will also be under discussion with key decision makers such as Dr Julius Jwan of the Kenwa Institute of Curriculum Development and the Deputy Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Sylvie Forbin.

On the fringes of the seminar, IPA will also be announcing partnerships with key partners in Africa and developing the previously announced Memorandum of Understanding with Dubai Cares as well as focusing on women in the African publishing industry through the second ever PublisHers event featuring some of Africa’s leading female voices in the publishing industry.

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IPA President, Hugo Setzer, said: IPA is so excited to be here in Nairobi and to further strengthen our relationships and support for our members here in Africa. Last year’s inaugural IPA Africa seminar in Lagos laid the foundations. This year’s seminar will see us starting to build.

Chairman of the Kenya Publishers Association, Lawrence Njagi, added: Kenya is extremely lucky to play host to the International Publishers Association’s (IPA) Africa Seminar Series. This is the second of such series; the first one having been held in Lagos, Nigeria, last year.

This two-day seminar (Friday June 14 and Saturday June 15) brings together publishing professionals, educationists, creatives and writers from around the globe with the sole aim of discussing and mapping out ways in which the African publishing sector can take up its rightful role in shaping the future of the continent.

The topic of publishing in indigenous languages will also take center stage during the debates.

Africans can only hope to move to the next level by rejuvenating their languages and reviving dying ones. This can only be made possible publishing those languages.

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