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RIMA Foundation metamorphoses to Information Management Academy



The famous Records and Information Management Awareness, RIMA Foundation, the founding organisation of the Institute of Information Management (IIM) Africa, has metamorphosed to Information Management Academy (IMA), can report.

Announcing the change of name, for one of its educational initiative platform “RIMA Foundation Knowledge (RFK) Network” to “Information Management Academy (IMA)”, the President/Chairman, Board of Trustees – RIMA Foundation, Dr Oyedokun  Oyewole, said the change was in line with Organisation’s resolve in ensuring up to date and adequate propagation of the records and information management industry across the globe.

“Existing RFK-Network members and members of the public should please note the changes as further information and directives will be communicated in due course. We count on your continued participation as RIMA Foundation continues to promote the awareness for proper management and security of records and information in the society, he said.

The Records and Information Management Awareness (RIMA) Foundation, is a non-profit organisation, seeks to promote access to information, raise public consciousness on the need for proper management and security of information, and encourage the overall development of the information management community since 2004.

In other hand, the RFK-Network is a RIMA Foundation educational platform developed to promote Information management and security awareness through free/affordable educational programmes and events, covering information management, technology and security.

President and Chairman in Council, Amb-Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole

It stands for  the development, encouragement/enhancement of professionalism among professionals/non-professionals, for the enthronement of global best practices in the RIM industry.

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