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The rising impact of Artificial Intelligence to the PR professional and the journalists



Artificial Intelligence on PR professional and the journalists
Some vital questions I need us to unravel. Will artificial Intelligence disrupt, complement or enhance the media relations and journalist role? How will AI affect POEM (Paid, owned and earned media)

I decided to put together a few things to note about the entrance and possible disruption of some key operations in the media and PR space.

. The integration of artificial intelligence to news reporting and writing is no longer a debate but a reality. The Artificial Intelligence integration typically produces number-driven articles that involved structured data, such as earnings reports and sports results. But today, its applications in media, journalism and PR appear to be ever expanding.

. Artificial intelligence enabled reporters otherwise called The Robo Reporter, now generate and write more news articles than ever, a trend that is said could substantially impact journalism and by extension public relations.

. It is currently on record that a third of the content published by Bloomberg News uses some form of automated technology, produced with the company Cyborg.

. The Associated Press has continued to use artificial intelligence (AI) software to write stories on company earnings and minor league sports for years.

. The Washington Post is not left out as they have their own Heliograf tool.

. Reuters has its Lynx Insights tool, an AI that produces more than 3,000 posts a week, mostly weather-related news

. Forbes has an AI tool named “Bertie” that suggests topics, headlines for contributors and even writes first drafts of articles. Forbes credits Bertie for helping double its number of loyal visitors — people who visit more than once per month.

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.  In the UK, the automated news agency Radar churns out thousands of stories a month for hundreds of publications, according to the Financial Times. Some often make the front page. Unlike most other software programs, Radar covers general interest stories.

Artificial Intelligence on PR professional and the journalists

Back home in Nigeria, ChannelsTV used hologram reporting in the last general elections in Nigeria


Digitalprwire, a global news distribution and real time monitoring platform, uses artificial intelligence to capture mentions, sentiments and analyze same into insights for business decisions. Celestine Achi writes from Lagos and can be reached via: [email protected].

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