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Zenith Bank chairman, Jim Ovia expresses optimism for more investments in the Nigerian economy



Zenith Bank Chairman, Jim Ovia

The Founder/Chairman of Zenith Bank, Mr. Jim Ovia has expressed optimism for more investments in the Nigerian economy.

This is coming few days ahead of the second-quarter earnings season with investors keen on expected future earnings as a guide to positioning for investments in the Nigerian market.

Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Headquarters. Source: CNN Marketplace

He made this statement during an interview with CNN Marketplace, where he addressed hashtag#investors and hashtag#entrepreneurs alike, stating that about 30 years ago, investments in Nigeria that could metamorphose to over 2000% growth were not prevalent.

Zenith Bank staff attending to customers

According to him, Nigeria is almost a virgin land, waiting for tremendous opportunities of investments in different sectors of the economy like hashtag#banking , agriculture, and manufacturing, amongst others.

Citing Zenith Bank as an example. Mr. Ovia added that Zenith Bank, which started with a $4 million investment, has grown to $16 billion, recording thousands of percentage increase.

Customers in Zenith Bank hall

Yet today, the country is brimming with businesses and hashtag#startups that possess exponential scalability and more bubbling capabilities.

He advised that investors should look out for promising sectors, consider larger investments and remain committed to hashtag#growth.

Watch full interview:

Source: LinkedIn/Zenith Bank

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