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3rdRetail Africa is taking advantage of AfCFTA to build Continent’s largest retail network



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Something big from Nigeria is reaching Africa on the heels of African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) launch.

AfCFTA is a trade agreement which is in force between 27 African Union member states. It was signed in Kigali, Rwanda, on 21 March 2018. As of July 2019, 54 states have signed the agreement including Nigeria.

A team of talented young people in Nigeria led by Eze Igwe have brought to fore 3rdRetail Africa which is a Trade Facilitator (platform) for consumer brands. ​

3rdRetail Africa is already established in Nigeria and the Founder believes that with the recent signing of AfCFTA by Nigeria it is time to leverage her distribution and retail network.​

“We have already established footprints in Ghana and Kenya. So, expanding into the rest of Africa markets has to be pursued vigorously”, Igwe said in a chat with

Africa’s retail industry:

The retail industry in Africa, characterised by new windows of opportunity, is causing some of Africa’s retailers to pursue new growth opportunities within the continent.

In fact, Deloitte African Powers of Retailing report indicates that 90% of transactions occur through informal channels.

This is an opportune gap that led to the establishment of 3rdRetail Africa as a formal retail presence to capture larger portions of this market share.

However, hurdles do exist, including low levels of established distribution networks, and political and economic uncertainties. What can 3rdRetail Africa do?


Well, founded in April 2016 by Igwe, an accomplished retail consultant with over 16 years professional experience mostly in building and supporting distribution channels for brands, 3rdRetail Africa is earning her reputation as the Trade and Distribution platform of choice for Consumer Brands (Local and International), Local Brands and an integrated chain of distributors/retailers across major markets of Africa.

3rdRetail Africa

3rdRetail Africa Founder, Eze Igwe

3rdRetail is using technology to ease traditional retail in Africa. It has so far created a footprint of resellers across 10 unique industries ranging from Fashion and Apparels, Cosmetics, Agro-Based and Food production, Automotive, Computers and Mobile Devices, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Electronics and Others.

Igwe confirmed to that on 3rdRetail Africa, brands connect seamlessly and transact with resellers of their products without the burden of travels, meetings, negotiations, payments and deliveries.

“All these are conducted online on the 3rdRetail platform and fulfilled offline in the most efficient and convenient manner.

3rdRetail in numbers:

  • A registered network of 1416 resellers supporting the distribution of over 200 unique products from 121 consumer brands.

3rdRetail provides a viable route to market for consumer brands leveraging her extensive network of resellers in all the commercial destinations of Africa.

Some of the brands supported by 3rdRetail Africa include Miniso (Japanese), Hayat (Molfix Diapers and Familia Tissue Papers), Multichoice Africa (GOTV and DSTV), Large Michaels (HP Laptops and Printers) and quite a number of local brands in food production and fashion/apparels.

Other services offered by 3rdRetail Africa to include:

  1. Franchise Advisory and Roll out Services
  2. Distribution Channels Development services
  3. Retail Operations Audit
  4. Sales and Marketing Support
  5. Route to Market Solutions
Mr Andrew Ngure leads 3rdRetail Africa's expansion in Kenya

Mr Andrew Ngure leads 3rdRetail Africa’s expansion in Kenya

Meanwhile, the 3rdRetail Sales & Inventory Management mobile application is set to launch soon.

Visit the 3rdRetail to register and launch your business into the rest of Africa.

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